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The Mermaid

Stories of mermaids have been around for thousands of years, and I thought a fantasy poem about one might be fun to try. I didn’t know where I would go with it, but like all my fantasy poetry, the poem really writes itself once I begin. The one thing I can honestly say about this fantasy poem was all the different endings I had to chose from. Usually, the ending picks itself — this fantasy poem is one of the rare ones where I actually made a conscious choice.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
She was one of few who lived in deep
a creature of land and sea
a mermaid called by seamen
a goddess
to you and me

She swam the currents and the waves
and her powers were great and good
she could call the creatures of the sea
to do all that she would

And if by chance she came to land
a transformation did occur
to human form
would happen then
all this she understood

But in the halls of Atlantis
where her clan did make their home
two leagues below
this city of gold
where only they would come

And there they called a council
and warned of the creatures called man
who had no care for others
on sea, or air, or land

One thousand years that
would she live
and each year her powers would grow
to call the waves
to call the storms
make currents fast or slow

And flanked by her favorite Orcas
she swam to survey her realm
and felt the storm approaching
as the waves turned into swells

She played in waves tremendous
barreling down and across their crests
and then she saw the ship so far
in dire and stark

It’s mast was cracked asunder
it hoovered to one side
she heard the prayers
and heard the shouts
of those who were still

And one man refused to give in
he fought though hope was gone
he showed no fear
but rock resolve
against the violent

A giant wave then swamped the boat
the deck did disappear
and down she went
to Davy Jones
fifty fathoms
no land was

She watched the man as he struggled
snagged in several ropes
sinking ever down
into the deep
his life now
without hope

And something overcame her
and she did what she’d never done
she saved the man
from certain death
her powers would let him

And called upon the Sea Gods
and called upon her kind
and slowed the waves
and made a path
to his land
this, she could find

And there upon that storm washed beach
she placed the exhausted man
and kissed his lips not once but twice
so he would understand

And heard others approaching
from a castle on the rise
as she slipped back to the eastern sea
and watched through magic eyes

And the man she saved was rescued
a prince from this, his land
who on stormy nights
now dreams the dream
of what few
can understand

Of a beauty and a vision
a goddess of the waves
who for a thousand years
will ne’er forget
the prince that she once

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