The search for love. For no man or woman is complete without it. It is the driving force in our universe. To share each other for all of time. To fill that missing part of us that only another like soul can complete. And so this poem of love, which expresses it all.

Copyright 2017 by jon gutmacher

A Love Poem

I’ve looked at you
you’ve looked at me
through each our windows
what, did each see

Two hearts
Two souls
Two . . . alone?
Takes more than one
to be a

Oh, how I wonder
who you are
to fill my heart
so near
so far

For search I will
unto that day
when each we find
both then
shall say

A couple now
both joined by love
with blessings from
the Lord, above

To journey thru
each day and time
but not alone
our love

And so I search
and bravely go
for this is something

I know
I will!
I’ll find you!

On this I swear!

I shall not falter
I’ll always care

The purpose of my heart
so true
to live with love
to live with

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