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Across the Ocean

©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
Across the ocean
across the sea
I looked at you
you looked at me
and yet our love
may never come
I walk alone
the sun

I offered once
to hold your hand
I felt that you would
but ah so far
so far apart
the snow it melts
but still
no start

And yet I never
never turn
I keep on forward
but still
I yearn

To hold your hand
to share the stars
to walk the distance
so near
yet far

And watch the tide together
as each new day
the sun does peak

Unto its zenith
so high the sky
and still I wonder
wonder why

That never will
it ever be?
That we might meet
And you
would see

But, until that day
does ever come
I walk alone
beneath the

The background image source is a free wallpaper from
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