Cinderella is an ancient story told in many different countries. I have blended the Disney version with the French version from the 1600’s into something very close to both.
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Cinderella - the poem

Cinderella – the poem

Cinderella is an ancient story told in many different countries. I have blended the Disney version with the French version from the 1600’s into something very close to both. Like my earlier poem, Snow White, it was a task where I took an entire story, and placed it into poetry. I think over time, you may find it becomes one of my more popular poems.

A “best poem” to some. Although I still think Tasmerelda, my first fantasy poem, is the best of them all.

Glass slipper by the stair
She thinks about the ball last night
But, never was she there

A pumpkin was her carriage
and mice who are her pets
and birds who sang, now fly around
This dream . . . she always gets

But now back to the humdrum life she leads
the work that never ends
she takes it with a joyful heart
the birds and mice, her friends

And then a royal announcement
a ball at castle far
to find a bride for Prince Charming
no matter who you are

Drizella and Anastasia
are almost in a swoon
but their mother , Lady Tremaine
locks Cinderella in her room

“No ball will you be going!”
“You have much work to do!”
And ends the dreams of Cinderella
as her hopes all fall askew

But Gus and Jaq, her pet mice
the birds from all around
take thrown out clothe and ribbons
wherever can be found

And make a gown for Cinderella
that lights the room aglow
her beauty comes from inside
that’s clear to all, who know

But evil Anastasia
finds out and tears the dress
she and her sister, Drizella
their hate will have no rest

They leave Cinderella crying
her gown torn into so many shreds
and to the ball they leave her
alone, without a friend

But then an amazing thing happens
Her fairy godmother does appear
“I’ll not let you suffer in this way”
“Of this, you’ll have no fear!”

A beautiful gown surrounds her
it magically appeared
with jewels and pure glass slippers
to stop Cinderella’s tears

She wears it, ah, so perfect
her beauty is so great
and eyes light up with hope and joy
the ball can hardly wait

“But, how? Oh, Fairy Godmother?”
“Can I make it to the ball?”
“It’s miles away. Too far to walk.”
“In fact, it’s quite a haul.”

Then magically takes her wand out
and “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!”
Turns a pumpkin into a grand carriage
with Gus and Jaq, there too.

“But the spell will end at midnight!”
“I warn you of this, true!”
“You must leave before the stroke of twelve!”
“This is something you must do!”

And the carriage carried her magically
to the castle miles away
and when Prince Charming saw Cinderella arrive
everyone would later say:

He fell in love immediately
they danced, and danced all night
but when the clock first chimed its bells
Cinderella ran off in fright

“But, where are you ever going?”
the Prince shouted as she ran
“How will I ever find you?”
“I’ll never stop! I know I can!”

She ran back to the carriage
and sped off, into the night
but the carriage turned back into a pumpkin
her Fairy Godmother was surely right

But in her haste she’d lost a slipper
made of crystal glass
there was nothing ever like it
not then, nor in the past

The Prince then found the slipper
He swore he’d never stop
until he finds the girl he loves
A search he’ll never drop

And so to each house humble
and on to each house great
the Prince, his Duke
and all his men
ride out to find his fate

They knock at doors til midnight
and search throughout the land
No, never will they stop their task
they do what all they can

And now a house, two sisters
the Prince, he does arrive
but Cinderella kept in a room
she’s soundly locked inside

For evil was her step mom
and evil sisters, two
and locked her there
so much afraid
of everything they knew

Anastasia and Drizella
bowed to Prince Charming at their door
but though they tried the glass slipper
He said to them: “No more!”

“Is there not another?”
“Who lives in this great house?”
And Gus and Jaq, those mice so great
let Cinderella out

She came down stairs a running
the Prince was almost gone
But when he saw Cinderella
He stopped, and had her try that slipper on

It fit her, ah, so perfect
Together, now, at last
and kissed her then
upon her lips
a kiss that would always last

They lived happily ever after
in the castle far away
with Gus and Jaq
and all her pets

At least
that’s what
they say

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