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Curtis Gray

I thought I’d try writing an adventure poem, and it turned quickly into a cowboy or Old West poem — or more appropriately a fantasy adventure about two grizzled old mountain men reunited after many, many years. Hope you like it
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
Curtis Gray walked in the bar
he’d traveled very, very far
thru the mountains
thru the hills
after panning for gold
for years

He had one horse
he had one mule
and he was . . . for certain
no one’s fool
but it was so long
since he took a drink
or saw another man

He plunked a coin right on the bar
they looked at him
from close and far
deciding what kind of man he be
this stranger
from the hills

The barkeep asked him wence he came
and then he asked this stranger’s name
and Curtis Gray looked him in the eyes
and froze him there . . .
like he had died

“I’m Curtis Gray – a mountain man
I pan for gold throughout the land
I’m tough as nails
and twice as strong
but I’m here – just for a drink

And then a man rose from the back
he had a gun sticking from a sack
he approached real slow
and came abreast
and suddenly – punched Curtis
right in the chest

And Curtis looked at him – right in the eyes
and then he smiled
with great surprise
he’d thought him dead
these many years
and that ol’ man almost
wiped some tears

“Oh, brother,
How did you escape?
those injuns had us
at the lake
I saw three of them take you down
you should be dead, ol’ son!

And Blackjack Sam – that was his name
laughed at that – and life’s great game
and pulled the scalps from deep the bag
that was below his gun

“Oh, Curtis – you old devil, you!
I cannot die – I thought you knew
I took em all
I did em good
and now they’re dead
as dirt!

And then those two brothers
did embrace
both alive
through Luck and Faith
and drink they did
perhaps too much
and laughed into the night

For things were tough
back in those times
and in the high country
only grit
kept you alive
and some survived against the odds
but they were men
of steel

The background image is a wonderful pastel painting, “Mountain Man” by the very talented and accomplished artist Mike Beeman, appears with permission, and can be found on his website with many other fine works at
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