copyright 2016 by jon gutmacher

Derision, Derision
Attempts at division
to drive the soul wild
to anger the gods

To drive men to anger
uncivil, they languor
to shout out their curses
as hate fills the streets

You message on Facebook
and question elections
and point with your finger
no matter what’s done

No possible answers
to all of your questions
refuse you to reason
you’d just rather shout

To all, from the roof tops
to all of the good cops
to all of us standing
who believe in the good

You broadcast derision
it’s hate that you’re fishing
to divide this, our Country
your purpose
no good

I tell you this story
your mind closed to listen
your ears shut to truth
your mouth full of lies

This can’t go forever
we must join together
or perish this Nation
as others have done

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