Rainbow Bridge – a poem

“Rainbow Bridge” is a famous short story written sometime between 1980 – 1992, and known all over the world. The best known was written and copyrighted by William S. Britton, but it has many versions, and has been put into verse many, many times. Mine is far from the first poem that tells its tale. While the idea of the “rainbow bridge” originates from Norse mythology – the current version tells of a wondrous place where beloved pets go after their deaths only to be reunited with their loving master or mistress when all have passed. It is a beautiful story — and easily found on the web. I encourage you to read the original. But for now — in homage — here too, is my poem of the Rainbow Bridge
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
They say a place called Rainbow Bridge
is somewhere in the sky
it is a place
where loving pets
go after
they do

its meadows and its green fields
are surrounded by rolling hills
the sky is clear
the moon is bright
pets heal
without their

and each day that they stay there
they play
and romp
with fun
and in the night
thru God’s Great Grace
sleep sound
’til morning comes

And there they stay
while time stands still
until the day you die
and then a light
does suddenly shine
and your pet
begins to cry

For it sees you in the clearing
so far
but yet so near
and runs to you
with wagging tail
without a care
or fear

And then it jumps
into your arms
warm kisses on your face
it quivers with excitement now
to feel your fond

For love will always triumph
the bond will never
and side-by-side
cross Rainbow Bridge
which leads
Heaven’s gate

The background photograph is a copyrighted work by the very talented photographer, Nicholas Valentin, and can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/adrian_valentin_murphy/354252383/, along with many other of his works. It seemed perfect for this poem.

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