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Of Grieving

This is not a fantasy poem, is a purely spiritual poem, and was inspired by something I read. The poem came instantly after. It tells the story of an elderly woman who’s husband has passed, and the aftermath. It is not my usual, by any means, but I thought it needed to be expressed and read. And even in sadness, ends in a ray of hope.
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
She sat alone
in empty place
the tears were streaking
down her face
for he had passed
left her alone
so desolate
in empty

Her friends had come
and then they’d gone
they did their duty
and then
moved on
and left her there
an empty place
alone with thoughts
and tear streaked

No touch of hand
no warmth of kiss
and all of this
was she
to miss
for on and on
for evermore
without his voice
no more
no more

And brave she was
until that day
when she too passed
and went
and joined him there
another place
together at last
in death’s

You shed a tear
this story true
for it is something
you always knew
but do not cry
and do not fear
they’re now together
and always near

For true love
never dies with age
it lives on and on
it never fades
it just moves to
another place
another dimension
in God’s
Great Grace

The background image is a desktop wallpaper that can be found here:
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