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I was driving home this morning, and had to stop to let a very slow moving cat cross the road in front of me. The very noticeable droop of her stomach made clear the reason for her lack of speed, and I immediately thought of how many kittens are not adopted, and meet a cruel fate totally not their fault. I strongly believe in spay and neuter. This animal poem reflects the incident and my thoughts.
©2013 by Jon Gutmacher
She had a cat
and loved it true
She called it “Sky”
it’s eyes were blue

And sat upon her lap
each day
but let it out each night
to play

And in the night
she’d hunt for fun
all birds and squirrels
better run

For Sky was sharp
and Sky was fast
and if she saw one
they would not last

But Sky was never, ever spayed
to spare the trouble, and maybe pain
but life goes on, and on each day
you can’t change nature
it’s here to stay

And one day Sky
looked very fat
it seemed she’d met
another cat

And kittens now
had somehow come
she’d have them soon
Oh, yes
what fun

But kittens grow
and need a home
they cannot stay
or be left alone
or let them free
to hunt or die
to kill the birds
while squirrels cry

Or put in shelter
to adopt
if not, then death
a sad, sad plot

I say this now, to each of you
that spaying is the thing to do
for nothing’s worse than life to take
of what you loved
and then forsake

Each kitten crying
mewing low
no one to love
no place to go

No, that is not
the way to be
you each must take

So every Sky
is crystal clear
and lives in homes
so none may fear

And if you do
this thing I ask
then you have done
a noble task

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