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Star Bender

Star Bender is both a fantasy poem, science fiction poem, and spiritual poem. I consider it among my best fantasy poems. It is a conversation that takes place in a milisecond of thought, within a dream, between an earth mortal, and a Supreme Being traveling between the stars. It asks and answers the eternal question of who we are, and what is our future.
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
Star Bender
keeper of dreams
Timeless Being who floats between worlds unseen
what see You now
what worlds do You travel
what galaxies do You seek

For when You dream
worlds change
a universe implodes
and all things
are created
from nothing

Star Bender
how many others
like You
are there?

Oh, Star Bender
can you see what you have created
or does it really matter
for what in a millisecond of Your time
do a thousand years
pass by

Star Bender
what powers You grant
to this poor mortal
on this poor earthen planet?

(and the Star Bender replied:)


“Oh, Mortal
You ask what powers I bestow?

“to you
I bestow life
and all it has to offer
I bestow ability
I bestow thought
I bestow love
I bestow the ability to create more
of who you are

“What you do with these gifts
that is for you to decide
for what I have done
is enough
and now You
must make your own journey
to the stars

And with that
the Star Bender
in a millisecond of thought
moved on
to another dream

The image is “Western Hemisphere” copyright 2007 by West German digital artist Jeff Michaelmann, and is found at There are a number of other astounding images also at this site by the artist, all available for purchase
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