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The 911 Call

This is not a fantasy poem. It’s a real story. But, for starters — there’s an old joke: “What’s the definition of a Republican?Answer:A Democrat who was just mugged.” There’s a lot of truth to that statement, and when I do a civilian seminar I often use an actual 911 tape that documents what happened in this poem. Like the poem, the woman on the 911 tape was eventually saved by the police . . . but not before being violated in her own home.

Crimes happen in seconds . . . not minutes. And with response times that often approach ten minutes or more — you either have a method to defend yourself, or you could find yourself in a very serious situation. And yeah — I’m an NRA member.

©2014 by Jon Gutmacher
Beware, fair maid
for I have guns
I fear no evil
if it should come
For I will lock
and I will load
as evil approaches
from down the road

You say “But, no!”
“I’ll have no guns!”
“Best butterflies, and morning sun
“a perfect world
“I live each day
“no evil can come
“nor take me away

You continue to say:
“How can you suggest?”
“A gun in my home?”
“I’d have no rest!”
“For I live a life
“of love and sun
“There is no chance
“of evil

And so she left him
there alone
though he was ready
to protect their home
and thought him bad
and thought him mean
for guns were evil
Oh, that
she’d seen

On TV shows
and on the news
on internet
and on a cruise
and everywhere that she had seen
All guns are evil
their owners mean

And yet one night
She’d not expect
a pounding noise
was her regret
as dialed quick
the “911″
and wondered if
the police would come

And then she heard
the door give in
she whispered low
“They have broke in!”
and the dispatcher reassured her
“It will be OK.
“I’ve sent a unit
“only minutes away!

And she locked her door
she’d soon be saved
as the man burst in
her door had caved
He stood there with a knife and gun
now . . . nowhere left
that she could run

And suddenly thought
“Oh, police please come”
“If I survive
“I’ll buy a gun!”
for then it dawned
and lit her head
that much better a gun
. . . than raped and dead

And when his fingers grabbed her throat
and clothes he ripped
her thoughts remote
two officers ran in
and shot him dead
she fainted then
that’s what they said

And now she belongs
to the NRA
she has a gun
and she will say
that while she has no wish
to use that gun
she’s ready now
no need to run

For guns are only evil
if evil be
when held by varlets
who hope you and me
will have no guns
will have no cares
except counting butterflies
here and there

For those are the victims
that they seek
the elderly . . . defenseless
and the weak

And while . . . hopefully
it will never be
my .45
stays close
to me

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