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The Arras Train Attack

On August 22, 2015, three American tourists on a high speed train from Belgium to France, along with the aid of a Brit, stopped a terrorist attack on the train in Arras, France, by a known radical Islamist armed with an AK, other firearms, and loads of ammunition. This act of bravery saved the lives of many. Spencer Stone, one of the American’s, despite being wounded was instrumental in tackling the terrorist, and also stopping the bleeding of a seriously wounded victim. This poem honors their mutual act of bravery.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
He bore the hate
He bore the scars
His poisoned mind
he came from far
to damage, kill
all he could
a terrorist
to set the world
on fire

And took upon that train that day
Kalashnikov, a loaded AK
to kill the innocents
in his sights
without a thought
or care

And as he began his plan to kill
he raised the gun
it was a thrill
but never guessed that men most brave
would risk all they had
to stop
to save

And as he pulled to rack the gun
one tackled him
his plan was done
and two did join into the fight
and then one more
to get it

And though he struck back with a blade
The resolve of four
the train was saved
and heros now
these four brave men
who had stopped
this awful plan

Now medals they hold
as cameras click
and take their photos
all so quick
that three Americans stopped a gun
so far from home
this deed they’d done

Where flies the flag?
of those most free?
The Stars and Stripes
of you and me
We’ll not forget
This deed they’ve done

In August 2015
in a place near
Arras, France

The background photo depicts Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, and Chris Norman receiving medals for their heroism. Spencer Stone was still being treated in the hospital at the time, but was released shortly thereafter, and will fully recover from his wounds.
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