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The Bully and the Boy

Not a fantasy poem, but certainly a fictional one in free verse.  It tells of a boy often picked on at school, and how he decides to be something more than he is, and so changes his life, and those around him.  It is followed by the same story set to rhyme on the second page.  Purely an experiment on my part.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
He remembered that time he lay on the ground
lip bloodied and raw
surrounded by so many jeering faces
and the embarrassment he felt
when it was over
weak . . .
defeated . . .
only to be picked on again

And perhaps that was the day
that he decided to be different
to make something of himself
something that he wasn’t
or at least . . .
hadn’t been before

And so he gathered all his money
and bought a book
and read the pages that promised
a different life
no longer bullied
but strong . . .
and brave . . .
and able to defend himself
against all who had
bullied him before

And as the days progressed
he saw a change in himself
a pride he never felt
muscles he had never seen
or even imagined
and the other students
saw it too

The bullies began to shy away from him
he made friends during lunchtime
and his life changed
all for the better
until the day he saw another boy bullied
and like before
all the kids jeering around him

And then the child who once was bullied
the boy who had proven to himself
he was more than just a boy
stepped thru the crowd
and grabbed the bully off the other boy
and pushed him with such force
that the bully knew it was not worth
a fight

And pulled the other boy up
by one arm
and put a hand around his shoulder

And from that day on
there were no more bullies
at Barkington Elementary
for be they men
or be they boys
where good stands up to evil
only good will prevail

Photo background by GIULIO DEL TORRE La Resa dei Conti FIST FIGHT rivalry boys victim violence NEW$_35.JPG

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