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The Conquest

Another fantasy poem or battle poem that is actually an allegory. The theme is that of the Roman legions — that an army can only win when its leaders act together for the common good. Rome conquered many lands because those they fought could not band together. Their hatred for each other surpassed the need to meet the Roman legions, and remain free. If you see a parallel or allegory in those circumstances to the inability of our leaders in Congress to work together for the common good, rather than bicker along party lines without compromise — then you truly understand where this fantasy poem of an ancient battle came from. It also tells the tale of the original invasion of the Roman legions into the German provinces
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
The warriors were divided on
how to attack
some said to go forward
some said to go back
others insisted to outflank was best
others were certain
“Attack from the West”

Their leaders divided
they soon came to blows
some wouldn’t speak
others did go
back to their towns
back to their lands
carrying their pennants
rather than stand

And all of this time
the enemy – grew
lines neat and ordered
and each of them

How to attack
how to destroy
not one of them argued
not one of them toyed

For each in that legion
were disciplined men
they had but one purpose
to win
in the end

They obeyed each their Consul
who dictated all
and each worked together
all of them

And on that bright morning
they pushed thru the land
and fought not an army
though brave
to the

For only together
could any withstand
the hundreds of lines
the thousands of man

All dressed in their armor
their greaves and
their helm
with shields locked together
their swords

They shouted as one
they advanced like a storm
and those who opposed them
t’was like
shearing corn

And when it was over
the slaughter was quick
their bodies lay lifeless
too many to pick

Their land was not theirs
they’d lost what they had
through bickering
it truly
was sad

And brought forth in chains
all but the dead
to the Consul who’d won
to the survivors
he said:

“You either swear homage
“to Me on this day
“or I’ll burn each your towns
“and sweep you

“You all were not worthy
“You had not a plan
“We battled you down
“Each knight and
“Each man

“For only together
can an army survive
you work all as one
or don’t
stay alive

“And now those
your kingdoms
Are Ours – for you’ve lost
you failed to unite
now you’ve paid
quite a cost

“And We again conquer
lands ruled
by just tribes
our legions are great
our Empire thrives

“A lesson to all
who want to be free
work together as one
or defeat
it shall be”

The background image is from ehe E3 2013 gameplay of RYSE: Son of Rome.
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