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The Deadly Plot

I’m not sure where the inspiration for this piece of fantasy poetry arose, but I definitely had an image of King Lear in the far background of my imagination as to the part about the poison in the ear. Besides that, it is the story of an evil plot by a scheming woman, found out far too late by one faithful knight. Hope you enjoy this fantasy poem.
©2014 by Jon Gutmacher
She came before the king
one day
she said she came from
far away
of royal blood
that . . . she did say
with eyes that burned like

They warned the king
she wasn’t true
but skin so smooth
Her talk, was too
so sensuous
he never knew
Her heart was black
as stone

For deep within
that none could see
there burned a hate
that hate
was she
and none could guess
Her evil plot
so despicable was
Her plan

And so the plot she launched
in fact
to kill the king
he’d not come back
and whiled Her way
into his bed
and close unto
his side

Did none suspect
this deed so foul?
in dead of night
from earth’s dark bowel
and poison . . . did drip in his ear
as he lay deep . . .
in his sleep

No sharpened knife
could kill as well
as poison from Her blackness fell
upon the light
that was his life
as he suddenly came awake

He tried to yell
he tried to rise
he struggled hard to open eyes
and through the haze that stole his life
she laughed as he
passed on

And in the morn
when she arose
she called up tears as cold as stone
and called the guards
and tearfully cried
“Our king! . . . Our king!’
“Has somehow died!”

The castle wailed upon his death
it struck their hearts
They’d lost their best
A kingdom now
without a king
A loss that all
could feel

And so they mourned
for seven days
all things turned grey
as if a haze
and few could remember what each they did
so great . . . the loss
they felt

And all this time
she smiled in glee
so masterful Her evil be
and none did guess
what she had done
except one faithful knight

And so he stole into Her room
and saw the vial
that sealed Her doom
and took it up to mage so great
who knew just what it was

“Take care, good knight
“Her evil’s great
“They think she loved
“But it was hate
“And plot she did to kill this king
“ And steal his kingdom, fair

And so they hatched a plot
their own
and placed the vial where sure
she’d roam . . .
below Her bed where king had died
and watched each day
with loyal spies

And then one night
she searched the room
and found the vial that sealed Her doom
and picked it up
and hid it quick
but a spy did see it all

And called the guards
and called the mage
and called the evil
that was Her name
and took Her there in heavy chains
to dungeon without fail

And in the morn
before the court
they called the deed
that she had wrought
and cries were heard amongst the crowd
as they demanded that she
would die

And bound Her hands
and hung Her high
and let Her swing
against the sky
and when her life did leave the earth
their Leige
he was avenged

For king was dead
forever lost
His nephew took his throne
Such cost!
And never did they err forget
what had happened to their king

And now time ends
as years go by
and on this day
the kingdom cries
for every year
we remember well
when the Evil took
our king

The moral?
Do you ask of me?
I’ll tell you then
so you can see
that never let love
blind those, your eyes
to the evil . . . that can line
the soul

Of shapely legs
and smooth, smooth skin
of lips that answer
your every whim
but love is more
than just the flesh . . .
when a heart is black
as stone

The background image is a fantasy wallpaper of unknown origin,
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