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The Giant

The Giant is both a love poem and a fantasy poem in a fairy tale structure. It bears an analogy to “Beauty and the Beast”, and tells the story of a lonely giant whose love of a beautiful princess has never waned, and who dies, broken-hearted, because of it. There is a two-fold moral: Life is not always perfect. And, sometimes you don’t realize what you have – until it is lost.
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
“Oh, Giant. Do not die.
For you are as life itself to me”

(and the Giant replied:)
“My love
Do you not know you have forsaken me?
You have left me alone
You have endured me to myself for all these ages
And yet you speak of love

But where is your love?
Is it hidden behind walls so thick
that not the strongest of stones can breach it?

Is it sheltered under some enchanted tree
that hides all
so no man or creature can see?

Or, is it only something of which you speak, without showing
without yearning
without truth
without the ability
to hold you in my arms
and hear you breathe at my side

Alas, my love
There is but little choice
For I am not one, but two
And without the two
I am nothing

So for that
My time has come
And although with heavy heart
I take my leave willingly

For without love
I cannot survive”.

The background photo is by Katherine Swanson, “Fallen Knight” and can be found here:
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1 Comment
  • Jon Gutmacher

    The Giant is a pure love poem wrapped in fantasy – and intertwines the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. It is the story of a giant left alone and forgotten by his love, who without love has lost his reason to live, I find it beautiful, but sad.

    May 23, 2011

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