The Goddess is a a fantasy poem of a knight who dreams of a beautiful woman calling him,

and sets out on a quest to rescue her only to battle an evil mage who has entrapped her,

then to find that she is a goddess, and that all this was only a test to prove his love.


The Goddess
copyright 2017 by jon gutmacher

He heard her call from far away
T’was in his sleep
the legends say

Then took his armor
mounted horse
and rode thru gate
the mote did cross

Thru forest dark
with shadows quick
they watched his moves
while time did tick

And on and on
towards quest afar
he heard her moan
his heart on fire

And then in clearing
clad in chains
she, the pawn
this dreadful game

Of sorcerer evil
slick and dark
with ring of power
he had no heart

Knight met him there
in battle true
his power, sword
but magic grew

And battled there
both day thru night
so one could win
this deadly fight 

Then, magic wained
and sword was stopped
both weakened now
one armored

And then the girl
who was their bane
with just a blink
undid her chains

And with a look
and finger swipe
did slay the mage
who battled knight

And took the hand
of knight so true
his love now proved
this goddess knew

For she, a goddess
long did seek
a mortal knight
with heart not weak

Whose love was pure
who’d never stop
whose worthiness
none else would top

And then became
both king and queen
and ruled the lands
as if a dream

Now legends tell
this story past
the knight and goddess
shall always last

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