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The Golden Carnation

I wrote this poem back around 1970, and it represented the search for the future — ie: “The Golden Carnation”. I totally rewrote it in 2013, and gave it a much darker story where the light of the future is stolen by forces of darkness. Perhaps an analogy to the problems of today?
©1970 by Jon Gutmacher
In cities past imagination
lies a carnation
a golden carnation
the light of a thousand civilizations
the Golden Carnation
the fountain of life

The search for tomorrow
forever tomorrow
rides shadow of No-Man
the dark colored omen
on black colored stallion
from fields of the past
on black colored stallion
so nothing can last

Goes searching tomorrow
from fields of the past
from sun-up to sundown
from end to the last
from sun-up to sundown
His shadow, so fast

This dark colored shadow
on steed black as fathom
peers over tomorrow
from yesterdays past
the Shadow of Omen
No, nothing will last!
the Ruler of Shadow
rides here from the past

Now true to His purpose
through times endless boundaries
comes searching and seeking
the Golden Carnation
and steals from the future
and takes back to past
on black colored stallion
so nothing can last
from sun up to sun down
no, nothing can last

Who answers the question?
The Golden Carnation?
A clear, solid answer
from cold, empty voids
escaped from the noise
escaped from the voids

Where castles and dragons
and golden haired maidens
that live in an ocean
of mysteries past
The Golden Carnation
Oh, how can it last?
it’s future uncertain
as mist clouds its past

Who sees it?
Who seeks it?
In white colored splendor
The knight without armor
The hawk without talons
The link that was missing
and missing no more

The Golden Carnation
The link to the past
lies buried forever
it never could last
was stolen
was stolen
now lies in past

The Golden Carnation
will ever it last?
The Golden Carnation
now locked in the past.

The golden carnation and eye photo is a desktop wallpaper. The origin is unknown, at this time.
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