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The Legend of Calico Jack

The Legend of Calico Jack is an adventure poem that takes you to a brutal scene in the rural South — about a man who takes Justice into his own hands for a terrible wrong to a family member. It is not for everyone, and certainly not for the weak of heart. If you like current TV crime dramas, especially Criminal Minds — you’ll probably like this poem, as well.
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
Calico Jack came thru the woods
some blood was on his vest
he held a rifle in one hand
he’d shot a man called Wes

Wes had it comin
there was no doubt
he’d molested a girl quite young
and Calico Jack took it on himself
to make sure that Wes
was done

He caught him in the woods at night
Wes was runnin’ from the law
and Jack knew the woods
and knew the man
and was about to settle the score

He yelled at Wes to drop his gun
as he aimed on thru his scope
and then he fired a single shot
took Wes right thru
the throat

Wes fell down
to his knees
his hands clutched at his neck
he couldn’t breath
he couldn’t talk
and his blood came spurting wet

And then he fell
straight on his face
for all the hell he’d done
and Jack came up
and kicked him once
and picked up Wes’s gun

“You piece of dirt
“You piece of slime
“I hope you suffered long
“that little girl
“that was my niece
“To Hell – I hope you’ve gone!

The Sheriff came and looked around
and shook his head but twice
he put a hand on Calico Jack
and gave him some advice:

“I’ll say it was pure self defense
“As plain as the light of day
“and Jack, no man will question you
“but hear me, when I say:

“You shot him dead
“you had the drop
“you didn’t need to kill
“but Wes was a snake
“the worst of kinds
“no one – will think you ill

And with that speech and a deputy
they put Wes in a sack
they dragged him to a road quite near
and threw him in the back
of a pick up truck with a Sheriff’s star
painted on the side
and dead damn Wes
went straight to Hell
as his body took that ride

For Justice is a straight up thing
that’s been lost a bit in time
but when Calico Jack
told his niece – what he’d done
she finally stopped her crying

It’s been twenty years
since that day
when Wes went straight to Hell
and Jack looked on with certain pride
as he heard the wedding bells

His niece grown up
and finally safe
in the arms of a loving man
and he’d better take care of that girl pure right
cause Jack’s watching
he’s quite a man

That’s the story of Calico Jack
and the man he sent to Hell
and the fact that life goes on each day
I hope
you’re all doing well

Image – Calico Jack Wiki Assassin’s Creed by image Fichier :Calico Jack concept01.jpg
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