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The Legion

The Legion is a fantasy poem, or battle poem, of an imaginary battle between a Roman Legion and a Pict army. It follows the tactics of the time period.
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher
Before the battle
each did stand
shoulder to shoulder
man to man
filed into squares of death
sword on right
shield on left

Eer the battle
did it come
hoards of Picts
upon the run
painted blue
across their face
tattooed body
Celtic race

High on hill
against a wall
Consul watches
trumpets call
pennants fly
eagles stand
so far from Rome
their native

Close the center!
Release the spears
first the pilum
as Pict warriors near
and lodge into their shields
and breasts
to weigh them down
to give no rest

Three thousand men
come on the run
they show no fear though
spears do come
and the Picts yell
with a roar so strong
but shields are locked
against this throng

Though brave
and strong
with naked chest
yet each does fall
with sword through breast
the Roman gladius
a weapon keen
it’s perfect stab
it’s blade so mean

His center holds
the Consul sees
he orders the flanks
to surround with speed
his cavalry
takes the Celts from rear
the Picts are lost
they break with fear

Now Legion Two comes into play
four thousand more
to rule the day
and bodies lay there
all around
the wounded cry
a horrid sound

And then it’s over
the battle won
ten thousand Picts
dead in the sun
the rest have fled
or stand in chains
the lucky ones
will live
as slaves

For Rome the Master
two legions strong
a grand mistake
to take them on
in open fields
where they do the best
there, high on hill
stands eagle crest

And once the dead are proper burned
the camp is staked
the guards have learned
to light the fires
and watch the night
for Rome . . . this is
just one more

The background image is a Roman Legion wallpaper / Spartan
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