The Lobster

I have always had this desire to one day buy a live lobster, and set it free in the ocean as a gesture. Anyway, while thinking about it, this somewhat amusing vision surfaced, and found its way into a non-typical fantasy poem. It has lately become one of my favorite fantasy poems.
©2013 by Jon Gutmacher
She saw the lobster in the store
she bought that one
and bought three more
a special dinner had she planned
for some of her special friends

Their claws were tied
their shells were red
they’d taste so good
the clerk had said
and took them home
to cook them good
with butter on the side

But when she put them near the stove
a gourmet delicacy
a treasure trove
she looked at them
and they looked back
and a sadness overwhelmed

Their little feelers twitched and swayed
they looked at her
they were afraid
and suddenly she had an urge
to set them free that day

She took a knife and cut the string
that bound their claws
they seemed to sing
and she could hear what no other could
for they sang that they might be free

And put them in a tub right then
they clattered round
she’d become their friend
and then
an amazing thing did see
as each one clawed the air

It was as if a deep salute
no longer food
and free, to boot
and she made a call
to rent a boat
so she could set them free

And to the seashore did she go
with tub of lobsters
four in tow
and set them down
upon the deck
while the captain looked askew

“What do you, Miss, intend to do?
“with lobsters four on ocean blue?
“You’ll set them free? Are you alright?
“ They’d make a great dinner – to serve tonight!

She looked at him
and then replied:
“I’d rather starve . . . keep them alive
“They’ve looked at me – and I’ve looked back
“and I know I must set them free

And so he took her out to sea
and by an island
set them free
they disappeared beneath the waves
all four of them at last
were saved

And as the boat turned back to shore
she thought she heard
and the captain swore:
A clicking noise
came from the sea
as lobsters four
gave thanks to she

Now every year
she rents a boat
and navigates to spot remote
and waits a while
in the sea
and then it happens . . . suddenly

Then, all of them
the four she saved
come up from depths
and through the waves
and look at her
and click their claws
and feelers wave
their lives in store

For creatures great
and creatures small
all have a life
and something more
and even humble
can still deserve
a second chance
a lesson learned

Now lobsters neath the Azure Sea
remember her
and what might be
and await the day
til she returns
to thank her
once again

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