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The Mountain High

This fantasy poem and poem of romance sounds very similar to another poem written just days before (ie: Across the Ocean). So too, it abounds with symbolism. The story of a woman who climbs a mountain to find her soulmate in life. Interesting, that I never noticed the similarity until doing the summary for this latter poem. Likewise, a window into my current thoughts.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
She looked across the mountain high
and all she saw
were clouds and sky
and wondered
wondered why?
but the answer
was not to come

And then a rock
a rock did fling
so far it flew
that small hard thing
to land, know not
her heart did sing
as it flew across
the sky

And then a bird came in
to view
it looked at her
and then it flew
it flew
across the sky so high
again she wondered
wondered why?

Oh, why she stood there
all alone
no hand to hold
to call her own
no one to dance
and touch her heart
no love to feel
at each days start

And so she climbed but higher then
in clouds so thick
so perilous
oh, yes the climb
the air grew thin
as did all time

And finally as the top
did peak
she looked around
for what she seeked
and saw him there
across the way
alone as well
too far to say

That kindred souls
and kindred minds
who search the peaks
for kindred kinds
as each heart yearns
for what they miss
to touch and hold
to finally kiss

And reached across
those distant miles
their eyes did lock
their souls did smile
and knew that each
would soon both meet
so both set out
for what they seeked

And there upon
that mountain top
their souls did meet
their hands did lock
he pulled her close
each felt
in kind
they became just one
did forever bind

And so their love
did set them free
two souls had met
both she and he
and now walk earth
no not alone
but hand-in-hand
no need to roam

And so their story
this shall be
atop a mountain
just she and he

The background image source is unknown, at this time.
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