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The Perverion

There is a perversion in the Middle East and Africa of extremist Islam where anyone who does not agree with them 100% is slaughtered without afterthought — men, women, and children, alike.  These are not men of religion, but are murderers, and brigands of the lowest kind who cannot be reasoned with, but must be destroyed to the last man else their perversion will continue to spread, and their victims will continue to die by the tens of thousands.  This contemporary poem highlights what I believe is the perversion of Islam  that these groups have fostered,  their insane lust for publicity of the worst kind, and the fact that in their own lands they are supplied under the table by the governments they oppose, and those who should be condemning them the hardest — the mullahs who allegedly serve the Islamic religion, yet turn their face from those who desecrate its most cherished teachings of peace.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
They murdered people in the sun
and called the name of god
and took the heads of mother’s sons
and laid them in a yard

And put them all on video
for a shocked world all to see
and made Islam perverted
in a way
not meant to be

And the mullahs did not curse them
and the Saudis paid their bills
and the Russians did supply them
with weapons
that would kill

But finally we did realize
and saw them as they were
a scum, disease, perversion
cast there
in desert sun

And so we send our bombers
and so we send our planes
and call the world to stop them
while they fight
and curse
our name

But never will we stand back
nor, never shall we fail
for God he is our Savior
He hears their victims wail

And the war it will continue
and lives will be undone
as we fight this deep perversion
that lives in desert

The background image has been omitted in this poem to symbolize the ISIS Flag.
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