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The Pod

This fantasy poem tells the tale of a man who goes out to sea, only to be swept off his boat by a sudden squall.  As he loses strength, he is filled with the despair of his plight when suddenly a pod of dolphins appear and rescue him.  A fantasy perhaps — but reports have shown this has actually happened in the past.   These, our brothers, in the sea.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
He took the boat
way out to sea
to view the vast

Of waves and sky
and creatures great
the days rolled by
he stayed up late

and watched the stars
and watched the sky
and thought so deep
and wondered why

That all these things
that he did see
so close to him
so far from

And storm rolled in
the clouds grew grey
the wind came fast
swept him away

And down and in
the sea he went
awashed by waves
his strength
soon spent

And as he gasped
to breath some air
with nothing left
but deep despair

His life did flash
before his eyes
then saw the fin
to his

It was but one
in larger pod
it saw his plight
it knew
his God

And came beside
the drowning man
and nudged him soft
he’d understand

And so the man betook the fin
and wrapped a hand
as it
did swim

Ah, toward the beach
that was so far
the boat it sank
and was no more

And all around the pod did sing
their high pitched voices
formed a ring

That no creature of the darkened sea
would try to kill
not them
or he

And as the shore
came into view
he began to cry
for then he knew

That he owed his life
to those who’d saved
and rescued him
from ocean grave

And as he swam last yards to shore
he watched them leave
bout ten, or more

They slowly edged out
to the sea
where ocean waves
did keep them free

And on that day he ever swore
he do his best
to pay
the score

Of all he owed
to creatures great
who saved a man
from dire

The background image source is GoPro footage by Mark Peters and friends that encountered an unexpected surprise while albacore fishing off the coast of Santa Cruz, CA – Pacific White Sided Dolphins.
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