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The Starships came

©2012 by Jon Gutmacher
The starships came
from outer space
and slaughtered much
the human race

with lasers from
outer atmosphere
not one of them
came even near

the cities were the first to go
vaporized — so fast
not slow

And no one warned
and no one spared
until at last
they stopped

And when was done
their ships came down
and gathered humans
from all around
and announced that they
would be allowed to live
on these conditions . . .
without fail:

“This planet isn’t yours to rape
“It was given you
“not just to take
“it is your trust
“to protect all kinds
“to protect the land
“the seas
“the skies

“Your population grew too great
“you know no bounds
“you never wait
“you do not think
“you only take
“and so we did
“what we had
“to do

The leaders left
on earth did ask
“How could you do
“this horrid task?
“you killed our people
“you killed our young
“though blameless
“all their lives undone

The alien looked them in the eyes
and shook his head
at their surprise
“Do you not kill both dogs and whales?
“and pollute the seas
“while species fail
“and argue over religion and war
“and blight the atmosphere
“and much, much more?

“These things you do
“we’ve done to you
“you must change your ways
“this – you must do!
“for this planet is not yours to kill
“and so we did
“what we had to do!

And then the starships
went away
left earth alone
that very day
with a message clear
for all to know
that there were limits
they we could go

And that responsibility is the key
to protect the land
protect the sea
not overpopulate
not deforest the land
and if don’t
we should understand

That light years far
so far away
their ships will come
and rule the day
and force us to
accept the trust
that Earth
is not
just for man

The background image is found at without identification other than X3 Reunion.

It is most likely copyrighted by the hit TV Show Stargate SG-1:
Stargate Universe and SGU TM & © 2015 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

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