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Thinking about Life

©2014 by Jon Gutmacher
Tragedy strikes
all around
where is God?
Not to be

Is there Heaven?
Is this Hell?
Are there no angels?
Who rings the bell?

These are questions
that we ask
but go unanswered
but never pass

As earthquakes swallow
tornados kill
tsunamis destroy
all at will

Does nothing stop them?
Does evil rule?
Is life not precious?
Are we all fools?

The lives we live
the ones we love
our children dear
our mothers . . .
sons . . . .

And criminals roam
the streets at will
Who will be next?
Who will they kill?

And yet
And even in tragedy
life does go on
for you and me

And hope we will
no matter where
and pray that God
will still
be there

And protect us from
the bad around
Can harm be stopped?
Can life be sound?

For while we struggle
down life’s short path
still each of us
does hope
it lasts

And so we protect
all that is dear
and fall asleep
‘til next day

The background photo was on Deviant  Art, but we removed the link due to Virus attack and spam.
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