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The Witch’s Knight

This is my first “pure” fantasy poem in over a year, and it is as pure fantasy poetry as it can come. The story of a good witch, and a frog whom she empowers to protect her. A frog so brave and fearless, that she makes him a “Witch’s Knight” after he slays a demon out to kill her. A fairy tale poem, worth telling.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
There was a witch
there was a frog
and this is what she said:
“If you do just what I order . . .
you never shall be dead”

And so the frog agreed to that
and agreed to serve her will
and agreed to live and watch for her
and yes
this frog
could kill

And so she cast her spells at night
and cast them by the day
and watched the kingdom, for she was good
no evil came
its way

But other witches watched her
with hate for all her good
and swore they would destroy her
sent death into her

An evil one was chosen
to seek and hunt her down
its powers were demonic
it slunk across the ground

And dead in night approached her
the cottage that she stayed
and waited til she fell asleep
to send her to the grave

But frog was up and ready
he knew this demon’s game
and saw it thru the dead of night
and even knew its

And ‘fore the demon could attack
the frog was at its throat
and bit the demon ‘fore it knew
it then began to choke

It fell into a spasm
and then unto its death
and witch did wake upon its cries
but there was nothing

And frog sat there so proudly
The demon at its feet
It’s duty done with stealth and pride
it killed so very

And the witch smiled at her protector
and gave him then a name
and knighted him a Witch’s Knight
forever and again

And though the attacks continue
Does watch, this faithful knight
whose size, though small
whose heart, so brave
protects her thru
each night

The background image is by Steve Taylor – Copyright 2006.
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