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Without her

I was looking at a photo of a truly beautiful woman on a dating site, and thought how perfect the “match” seemed to be as we “electronically” passed by each other on the internet. In a sense “seeing” — but never really seeing each other. The thought immediately transferred itself into this dreamlike vision of her by the sea. It is a love poem, a fantasy poem, and a dream — all in one.  And probably, when I think of it, one of my best love poems.
©2014 by Jon Gutmacher
She walks the beach
the sand sifting ever so deftly between her toes
the wind blowing her hair askew in perfect bliss
the waves kissing her perfect feet
as so ever slightly
the tide ebbs and flows
while clouds pass lazily overhead
whispering their greetings
as each one passes by

Ah . . . how long I have watched her in secret
tracing her footsteps in the sand with my mind
scouring the beach for just a glimpse
of the one
who lights my mind . . .
awakes my soul
and fills the emptiness of the day
into dreamlike hopes for a future that may
or may not

And the missing part in my heart
wonders why
she can walk by so perfectly
so close . . . that we could almost touch
and yet
without even a nod of recognition
not seeing . . .
not feeling . . .
what to me
is so, so obvious

Yes . . .
The wind blows across the ocean caps
as sand drifts slowly over her vanishing footprints
covering the fading day and my dreams
while the sun slowly begins its radiant disappearance
down from its position – once so high
disappearing softly into the sea
. . . and with it
I pass another day
into my own personal oblivion

There – by the sea
without her

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