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You Never Really Know

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do under dire circumstances? Would you run, stand tall, cower? The truth is: you never really know til it happens Then you find out who you truly are, and how you handle things. This contemplative poem is dedicated to all those individuals who have had to make that choice, and stood tall.
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
You never really know
‘til you’re put to the test
whether you belong with the worst
or run with the best

You never really know
‘til the pressure is on
whether you’re in for the long term
or soon will be gone

You never really know
‘til bombs fall around
you never really know
‘til your comrades fall down

You never really know
‘til bullets do fly
why some will advance
while others just die

For when the chips fall
that’s when you find out
if you will stand like a man
or run in a rout

And then in that instant
you’re into the test
you let no one down
you’ve stood with the best

And then when it’s over
and you’ve made it out
you finally know then
of that, there’s no doubt

And you stand tall forever
for what you have done
you’ve taken the test
and somehow you’ve won

You never forget
all those that you lost
you never forget
how dear was the cost

And then when you get back
you’ve made it on home
you’ve somehow survived
there’s no need to roam

And there in an instant
the cruel times are gone
you’ve made back home
you’re now moving on

You talk to your children
you give them advice
you tuck them in bed
and kiss them goodnight

And thank all the stars
and God high above
who let you survive
and share in His love //

The background image is war footage from the news.
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