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OK . . .  a Zombie poem!  What has the world come to?  (hopefully not Zombies)  I’m not sure where it all started, but I think Night of the Living Dead was one of the first.  Then, my favorite, the Resident Evil series,  or Zombie Land . . .  it’s endless.  Not sure what the fascination is — but gives new meaning to the phrase:  “Get a brain!”
©2015 by Jon Gutmacher
Zombies walking thru the streets
looking for – someone to eat
not a place I’d want to be
Zombies running after me

They want to eat my brain?

I’m not sure how a brain would taste
I think I’d pick a different place
maybe an arm
or a leg
I can’t believe
that’s what I said

They want to eat some brains?

Who thought of Zombies, anyway
Were they just bored
on some strange day
or maybe smoking too much weed
or just too weird
and had this need
to think of creatures in the night
who walk around
are not too bright
who’s only thought is eat folks alive
it’s quite a story to contrive

They just like eating brains?

Some say a plague could make it true
A zombie me
A zombie you
We’d walk around in endless days
Would never vary
It’s not a phase
And search the highways
Search the streets
For someone with
their brains to eat

I’d want to eat some brains?

And then when things were finally right
some hero chick would want to fight
and stab us, shoot us, kill us dead
perhaps she’d just chop off my head
and then I wouldn’t want to eat
I’d be dead again
which isn’t neat
but that’s the way that Zombies go
at least – on the cinema screen

The background image source is from a blog and can be found here:
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