The image is entitled “The Last Day”, and was created by the amazing Austrian artist, Alexander Kofler. It appears with permission, and is a fitting image for the home page of my website.

This website contains a portion of  the fantasy poems and flash fiction of Jon Gutmacher that I consider among my best fantasy poems.   If you like short stories and flash fiction – especially in poetic form – you’ve found the right place.  To me, the critical element in everything is “the story”.    I write a mix of many different types of poems – everything from free verse, to traditional rhyme, to a mix of everything in one place.  However,  as I’ve indicated, almost all my poems comprise a complete story — and qualify both as “poetry” as well as “flash fiction”.  This is intentional.  Likewise, I write as I please.  You may wonder why I sometimes mix styles together — but that’s just the way I write.  As a poet,  I believe I have the  absolute choice to write exactly how I please,  free from traditional rules.   My only rules are:  if the words flow – if the story is clear – that’s all that’s necessary.  I also believe that each poem should normally have an image background to “set the mood” of the poem.  I have taken these images from the web, and often there was no way of knowing who the artist was who created the image.  I’ve done the best I can trying to find the creators, and putting that information at the end of the poem, and if you happen to see an image you recognize, and know the artist – please let me know  so I can add that in.  Of course, the artwork is separately owned by the artist who created it.

You might also be interested in knowing that many of my  fantasy poems and flash fiction are written in allegory, especially the fantasy poetry.  By that, I mean that I have taken a modern event or concern, and placed it back into another time — a time where magic, dragons, knights, wizards, witches, and damsels in distress were common.  For instance,  “The Good King” , which is about a once celebrated knight who has fallen on hard times, is really a story about the plight of our veterans, who return from multiple deployments, and then face homelessness and other serious problems due to PTSD, and a government that doesn’t care enough.  If I see something on the news that really concerns me – it often creates an inescapable urge to write, and winds up as a fantasy poem in allegory.  I rarely write unless an inspired urge comes over me.  When that happens,  I feel compelled to write – and the story comes quickly.   I either do it immediately – or the story and mood are lost forever. 

For whatever it’s worth – I began writing fantasy poetry back in 2010 after a serious shoulder injury.  It was a way of dealing with the extreme pain, and a long period of healing.  Within ten months my website was ranked with the top three “fantasy poetry” websites in the nation, and by the end of a year – it was ranked #1 in the nation for fantasy poetry and fantasy poems for almost five years straight. I then stopped writing for two years, and only recently have  decided to redo the website, and just began writing again.

Last,  the subjects of my poems are varied, and certainly not all  fantasy poems.  While my first love is definitely fantasy — I write on many subjects, some very contemporary.  However, all of them  normally contain a complete story, albeit as flash fiction, and most will be in poetic form —  in the way I like to write it — and often have a moral at the end.  So,  that’s the story.  You’ll find each poem as a post in the LIST OF POEMS section of this website.   Hope you enjoy the work, and please let me know what you think by sending a comment.

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List of Poems & Flash Fiction

Curtis Gray – a poem of the Old West

This awesome story of two brothers, both mountain men, separated by a life and death fight with injuns, and their surprise reunion is without doubt a best Old West poem.

The Poison – a fantasy poem

The Poison is a fantasy poem of the poisonous lies spread by the court of a queen to protect their influence by breaking up the romance of the queen and a brave knight, leaving the queen romantically alone for the rest of her days.

The Doubting Knight and the Fairies – fantasy poem

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek fantasy poem about a knight who refuses to believe in fairies, and is taught a lesson by his queen.

Somewhere, a poem and visual experiment in multimedia

Somewhere is a multimedia poem that is quiet contemplative about a better place and time. Background music by the Egyptian composer XPURM.

A British Soldier – a tribute poem

In the style of Kipling, and Tennyson comes this poem dedicated to the British Colonial Soldier of the late 1800’s, and the campaign in Zululand. If you can hear the cadence of the drums in your mind as you read this poem – you understand. I consider it one of my best fantasy poems.

The Warrior and the River – a fantasy poem

This fantasy poem tells the story of a battle wearied warrior who rests by a placid river thinking and dreaming of a time of peace, only to be brought back to the reality of war far too soon. I think it is a beautiful, contemplative fantasy poem, and although short, is one of my best fantasy poems.

Dragon Killer – the fantasy poem

This fantasy poem tells the story of a knight who tries to steal a powerful book of magic guarded by a dragon. Unfortunately, the spells that guard the book are more powerful than his.

The Stars and Stripes – a patriotic poem

If you look around you’ll likely not see too many American flags on display – even on holidays. More likely you’ll see a school flag, or even a fantasy flag. To me, especially on a holiday like the Fourth of July, that’s just sad. This patriotic poem is dedicated to Old Glory, and the need to fly her – with pride.

Lawman – a poem of the Old West

Lawmen in the Old West were tough – or dead. This Old West poem tells the story of one of the toughest.

The Hanging – a poem of the Old West

A stark poem about the way justice was handed out in the Old West — by a public hanging. It’s not a poem for everyone.

The Captive Wizard – a fantasy poem in allegory

A fantasy poem about a wizard who is unfairly accosted while traveling thru the realm of an evil queen, and gets more than even for the harm done him. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have your own fire breathing dragon around when you need him.

The Viking Princess – a fantasy poem

No ordinary princess here, this is a fantasy poem of a Viking princess battle ready, and battle hardened. A “shield maiden” as often called, and just itching for battle.

Chivalry is Never Dead – a fantasy poem of a knight’s honor

“Chivalry is never dead!
hand on hilt to varlet said
“Chivalry will never die
but certainly you will!”
A fantasy poem of a knight without a sense of humor.

The Monolith – a science fiction poem

A single monolith stands guard on a far moon to guard a planet from invasion, left by who? This science fiction poem tells the story.

The Warrior of Stamford Bridge — a true poem of great bravery

A poem describing the actual epic battle in England in 1066 when a large viking force led by King Harald Hardrada of Norway tried to usurp English King Harold Godwinson, and take over the English throne. Godwinson’s army caught the vikings unprepared, and completely routed them. Attempting to retreat back, a lone viking warrior volunteered to block the only crossing at Stamford Bridge, and held the English force off for almost an hour before being killed. This poem is dedicated to his bravery as a warrior.

The Dog That Wouldn’t Leave – a true story poem

“Bobby” was a Skye Terrier who spent 14 years guarding the grave of his master, John Gray (Old Jock), in Scotland, until the loyal terrier also passed away on 14 January 1872. Several books and films have been based on Bobby’s life, and now this poem to honor “man’s best friend”.