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I’d love to hear any  positive feedback or comments you have on the poems/flash fiction.   The best place to leave a comment on a particular poem or flash fiction is immediately after the poem/flash fiction on its own page, although you may also leave  them here.  All comments are pre-reviewed by me, and need my approval for publication.   I won’t publish anything that I consider improper, or commercial.  Likewise,  if you don’t like a poem — I’d rather you kept that to yourself, as I write how I want, and what I want.  I fully understand most of them do not follow traditional poetry forms — and I intend it that way.  

Likewise,  should you see a background image you recognize, and know the artist’s name and other information — I would deeply appreciate your sending that to me so I can add it at the bottom of the poem.  I will also gladly remove any artwork if requested by the artist, or copyright holder.  I just assume its OK as I found it on the web without any  owner identification, copyright or prohibitions.   .   

Of course,  if you like what you see — even though the works are copyrighted,  please feel free to share that information with friends as long as I am given full credit for authorship.  And,  while I know there are other aspiring poets out there,  I do reserve this site solely for my own work, thus I do not accept submissions.

Wishing that all your (good) dreams come true.      With regards — Jon H. Gutmacher,  author & poet

Comments or questions are welcome.

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