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Alone – fantasy poem

Alone is a beautiful fantasy poem written in allegory about a woman who forsakes her lover to follow other purposes in life, and pays for it in the coldness of growing isolation. The mountain represents her decision and its resulting isolation from love and what could have been,   the snow the coldness of her decision, and the ever growing finality of her decision. 

ALONE – fantasy poem
©2013 by Jon Gutmacher

She sits on a mountain
surrounded by snow
it is a place
she can go

And there up high
in frozen bliss
she wonders now
if she will miss

The life she left
if life could be
in warmth of sand
by breeze of sea

And holding the hand
of who she loved
now lost
now lost
in time

Now snowflakes swirl
and gather round
the path that led
cannot be found

Now deeper
snow grows deep
so every day
her secrets keep

And looks around
this place so bare
as white does streak
once golden hair

And lines invade
a perfect face
all tempered in
the snow’s embrace

For she lives alone
upon the steep
has given all
but did not keep

What she loved best
and let him go
forever left
in deepening snow

Forever left

The background image is named “Heart of Snow” by the famous painter Edward Robert Hughes, and shows a woman lying on the snow, in the high mountains.  

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