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Arriella – and the Evil Magician – fantasy poem

Arriella – and the Evil Magician – fantasy poem
Arriella and the Evil Magician is a fantasy poem in classic fairy tale style.  It is really an allegory about the terror and tragedy caused by kidnapping. In the poem a brave knight on quest to find Arriella, aided by a magic cloak given to him by a good wizard, overcomes and slays an Evil Magician, and thereby rescues Arriella. The poem was driven by the rescues of Jaycee Durgard and Elizabeth Smart. As an interesting aside, years after I wrote this poem I stumbled on the fact that the name Arriella originates from ancient Hebrew, and means the Lion Of God. When I wrote the poem, I had never heard the name before.  The poem is a true adventure.




Arriella – and The Evil Magician – fantasy poem
copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher

Arriella! Arriella!
where have you gone?
you were here just today
by tall castle . . . ‘yon
with gold flowing hair
with white flowing dress
with fairies to guide you
with talisman
at your breast

Who took you?
Who managed?
to get thru the spells
to weave through your guards
all wishing
you well

The king is asunder
the queen is in tears
the Mage casting spells
through all of his fears

but none have yet seen you
the castle grows dim
the joy now has left us
our heads
all do swim

For all of us failed you
your joy has moved out
our knights all on quest
“No rest!”
do we shout

We’ll find you!
We swear it!
not one of us rest
our meals now are meager
for all
on the quest

To travel the earth
to scour the halls
to seek out that Evil
that caused
all this pall

And one day
we’ll find you
and all will rejoice
the land will grow flowers
our halls
fill with noise

For our beautiful princess
was taken away
by an Evil Magician
or, that’s
what they say

And now
as I ride
my sword at my hilt
I pass through a wood
a chill
now, I’ve felt

That never . . .
That never . . .
I’ve yet
felt before

My hairs stand on end
my chest tightens, too
my hand grasps my sword
my shield falls askew

for there in a clearing
chained to a tree
is Arriella, my princess
I fall to one knee

But, I know to be silent
I know it’s a trap
and if I do fail
She’ll never be back

And so, with all stealth
as quiet as can be
I take out the cloak
the Mage gave to me

And place it on, over
as I vanish from view
the magic has power
my sword
shall it slew

And then I do chant
what Mage
told to me
it works only once
to set Arriella free

And so, in an instant
I saw what’s foretold
the Evil One there
his black robes
so bold

And ‘fore he could turn
my sword did it swing
his head flew off gruesome
and I grabbed off his ring

His powers were ended
His life was undone
And Arriella swooned
As I came
on the run

And when she awoke
I bowed oh so low
she cried for an instant
and then we did go

And placed her on horse
and took her back home
where trumpets rejoiced
no longer alone

And King weak with joy
and Queen full of tears
the halls filled with light
the fairies appeared

And long did we revel
And long did it last
for our Princess was back
yes . . . finally
at last


The background image of a beautiful woman asleep against a large boulder surrounded by golden woods.  The artist is Elena Dudina, and the title is El susurro de las piedras – “The whisper of stones”  Her work is of the highest quality and imagination, and can be found at

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