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Beauty and the Beast – fantasy poem

I have taken a number of older fairy tales, often redone by Disney, and put them into verse as fantasy poems – and found they are easily the most popular fantasy poetry on my website — and often, turn out to be the most popular fantasy poem recreation of each story, on the web.  These fairy tale poems are often a cross between the original story and the Disney version.  The most popular one on my website, and probably the top Beauty and the Beast poem on the web is this one — with over 14,000 views at last glance.   It is a blend of the original fairy tale, and the Disney version, but in this instance,  more true to the original version. So, this best fantasy poem – Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast – fantasy poem
copyright 2014 by jon gutmacher

One day a man was lost in wood
a merchant great
whose heart was good
but feared that he would die that night
unless some shelter

He saw a castle thru the dark
and ran to it
and then did hark
and called the gatemen
“Please let me in!
“I promise to repay
“ my debt.

And so the gates they opened wide
and let him thru
to eat, reside
and for three days
they fed him well
and gave him all
his needs

He dined at night
on chair of gold
but never met the Prince he owed
but servants asked him
who he was
and so
he told them

He had three daughters
in his home
the youngest, Belle
. . . eighteen years old
her beauty pure
as was her heart
but he loved them
all the same

The servants told their Master all
he was a prince
but had a fall
with witch who
turned him to a Beast
until he found true love

And then the merchant longed to leave
he packed his bags
to leave with speed
but stopped to pick a rose for Belle
and hid it in his bag

The servants saw him
stopped him quick
they bound his hands
their spears did prick
and marched him ‘fore their Master Beast
and told
of what they saw

“You stole my rose?
“This is how you repay?
“The kindness I granted you
“each night and day?
“So you must die for such a deed
“You will pay this
“ with your life!”

The merchant fell on knees and begged
“Please spare my life”
is what he said
and Beast did ask
if allowed to leave
would he grant Beast
what he wished?

The merchant cried
“Yes, anything!
“Take my home, my gold, my ring
But Master Beast did smile just then
and this is what he said:

“I grant your life
“but in return
“you’ll bring me Belle
“a lesson learned
“and she will stay and live with me
“in this castle
“for all her days!”

The merchant gasped
he did not believe
but he had vowed
and so did leave
with heavy heart
for what he did
no choice in what to come

And when he got back
to his land
he hoped that Belle
would understand
for he had vowed
there was no choice
and she willingly agreed
to go

And so she wandered to the land
where castle stood
the Beast, so grand
and though she cringed
he treated her well
and they talked each night
‘til late

And over time a love
did grow
although it came so
very slow
but she grew lonesome
and shed tears
as she wondered if her father
was well

She asked the Beast
if she could go
She cried real tears
that he should know
and so his heart could not
it stand
to see his love
so sad

“Oh, Beast
“I shall return but soon
“I’ll come
“when there be newest moon
“and then I shall return to thee
“and do thy bidding well

And though he doubted
with regret
he’d not deny his love’s request
but if she’d not return by then
then the spell
would make him die

And so he gave her gifts so she
would not forget
“Return to me”
A golden ring
and mirror, too
that would show her all
that passed

For the mirror
had a magic spell
so she could see if Beast
was well
and ring would bring her instantly back
if she turned it round
three times

“Oh Belle,
“please know your heart and mine
“if you stay too long
“you’ll end my time
“I care for you
“even more than life
“and so, I let you go”

And so she went
without a care
and forgot her promise
no longer there
and back to family
and others, too
her vow
forgotten soon

And though she intended
her promise keep
her sisters cried
each day weeped
that she would stay
just one more night
she could certainly wait
‘til then

And so days passed
and then some more
the new moon gone
and then one more
and Beast grew sick
and weak with pain
for his love had let him

And suddenly Belle did come awake
she grabbed the mirror
her love forsaked
and saw him there upon his bed
in castle far

She cried aloud
she began to weep
she grabbed the ring
its secrets keep
and turned it trice
round and round
and instantly was next to him

“Oh, Beast!
“How could I do this to you?
“Please do not die
“I love you true!”
And kissed him on the lips just then
as tears streaked down her face

And then the spell that long did last
did finally stop
it’s magic past
and He, the Beast
did change to Prince
and his heart began to beat

And so
they touched
and kissed again
and held each other
their love – no end
for True Love had finally
conquered all
and saved Beast
from curse

And so the story finally ends
the spell was broken
their lives did mend
and lived their lives
in castle tall
forever more

The background image is from the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” and shows Belle in her beautiful yellow gown, and the Beast in a blue tux  in a splendid ballroom dance.

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