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A British Soldier – poem

Blended in the styles of Ruyard Kipling, and Lord Tennyson comes this incredible modern war poem about a British Colonial Soldier in the late 1800’s, and his experience in the Zulu Wars. I consider it one of my best fantasy poems.

The Warrior and the River – a fantasy poem

This fantasy poem tells the story of a battle wearied warrior who rests by a placid river thinking and dreaming of a time of peace, only to be brought back to the reality of war far too soon. I think it is a beautiful, contemplative fantasy poem, and although short, is one of my best fantasy poems.

Dragon Killer – the fantasy poem

This fantasy poem tells the story of a knight who tries to steal a powerful book of magic guarded by a dragon. Unfortunately, the spells that guard the book are more powerful than his.

The Viking Princess – a fantasy poem

No ordinary princess here, this is a fantasy poem of a Viking princess battle ready, and battle hardened. A “shield maiden” as often called, and just itching for battle.

Chivalry is Never Dead – a fantasy poem of a knight’s honor

“Chivalry is never dead!
hand on hilt to varlet said
“Chivalry will never die
but certainly you will!”
A fantasy poem of a knight without a sense of humor.

The Warrior of Stamford Bridge — a true poem of great bravery

A poem describing the actual epic battle in England in 1066 when a large viking force led by King Harald Hardrada of Norway tried to usurp English King Harold Godwinson, and take over the English throne. Godwinson’s army caught the vikings unprepared, and completely routed them. Attempting to retreat back, a lone viking warrior volunteered to block the only crossing at Stamford Bridge, and held the English force off for almost an hour before being killed. This poem is dedicated to his bravery as a warrior.

Battle of the Coastal Raiders – a fantasy poem of battle & survival

A fantasy poem of how a surprise Viking raid turns out to be a complete rout and defeat when the ships are spied early, and the king of the raided kingdom has time to set an ambush where the blood of the Vikings runs deep. The poem is based on three primary ancient battles and their tactics. It is a poem of courage, battle, and survival.

The Battlefield Nurse – a poem

A poem dedicated to the amazing women in the nursing profession who served on the front lines risking their own lives in service of mankind and their country. While written as a war poem in honor of the nursing profession, it is also easily a best fantasy poem.

Das Valkyrie — a fantasy poem of Norse mythology

A fantasy poem written of the Norse Valkyrie who flew thru the sky seeking dead heroes to fight beside the Gods in Valhalla.

An American Hero – a poem to fallen heroes

A somber poem to honor Chris Kyle, an American Hero, who served four tours in Iraq, and to all other fallen American Heroes, who gave their all in service of their Nation.

Dwarf King – a fantasy poem

A knight travels out into a thick forest and spots a lone dwarf who he is about to kill with an arrow, when the dwarf asks the knight to spare him. He obliges, and is repaid a hundred times over when the dwarf, a king of his kind, saves the knight and his queen years later. A very popular fantasy poem on this site, a great story, and in my opinion, a best fantasy poem.

The Good King and Faithful Knight

A powerful fantasy poem of a brave knight who in battle had saved the king, but then falls on hard times. The king, on a ride, spots the knight, is shocked at his condition, and corrects it as he should. My personal top fantasy poem of all. A best fantasy poem.