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The Passing of the Beast – a fantasy poem akin to Beauty and the Beast

This free verse fantasy poem mirrors Beauty and the Beast, but here, the Beast perishes – and only then does the woman he has loved all his life realize that she has loved him all this time, as well. A best fantasy poem.

The Dance – a fantasy poem of romance

“The Dance” is a poem of romance almost like a short love story. Written in free verse, it is a fantasy or reality we all have wished for — here symbolized by a romantic dance to a Sinatra tune, between an older, but still very much in love couple. And as they dance, it seems to bring all of that together. So, this fantasy poem, one that I consider a best fantasy poem, and poem of a long and close romance.

An American Hero – a poem to fallen heroes

A somber poem to honor Chris Kyle, an American Hero, who served four tours in Iraq, and to all other fallen American Heroes, who gave their all in service of their Nation.

Star Bender – a metaphysical poem & story in free verse

Star Bender is a free verse metaphysical poem about a conversation that takes place in a millisecond of thought, within a dream, between an earth mortal, and a Supreme Being, the “Star Bender”, traveling between the stars. The conversation asks and answers the eternal question of who we are, and what is our future. It is not my usual poem, but I consider it a best fantasy poem, nonetheless.

The Flower – a fantasy poem in allegory

A fantasy story , in allegory, of a beautiful, but shy woman, trapped by her own loneliness, who meets a man, purely by chance, and of the relationship that builds between them. A personal favorite, and a best fantasy poem, although one of romance.

The Dream – a fantasy poem

This fantasy poem is dreamlike – and tells the story of an older, but still beautiful woman who lives alone, but is guarded by the ghost of a past love. When the website was begun back in 2011, this was probably the most popular poem on the original site. I still love the story, and consider it a best fantasy poem.

The Seven Moons of Dargoor

As the two dominant races of a planet prepare to come together in total war, the metaphysical guardian of the planet, the Time Lord, intervenes and saves the planet from destruction. A fantasy poem with deep metaphysical meaning written in free verse that spans a hundred years, and one of my favorites. A best fantasy poem.

The Yellow Ribbon – the poem & story

The Yellow Ribbon is a story originating in Civil War that has morphed many times since. My version is close to a popular song, and tells the story of a man on a bus, just released from a long jail sentence, who does not know if his family wants or will accept him back. If they want him – he has instructed them to tie a yellow ribbon around the big oak tree that stands beside the road just before the village. If he doesn’t see it – he will just ride on. A best fantasy poem.