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The Doubting Knight and the Fairies – fantasy poem

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek fantasy poem about a knight who refuses to believe in fairies, and is taught a lesson by his queen.

Dragon Killer – the fantasy poem

This fantasy poem tells the story of a knight who tries to steal a powerful book of magic guarded by a dragon. Unfortunately, the spells that guard the book are more powerful than his.

Hansel and Gretel — the poem

The story of Hansel and Gretel and how they get lost in the woods, and are taken prisoner by an evil witch, and finally escape — are placed into fantasy poetry. One of the most popular poems on my website.

So Long Ago – a haunting fantasy poem of eternal love

A woman, lost at sea on a ship much like the Titanic, the love of her husband never wanes until he grows old and ghost-like, they are reunited. A very ghostlike feeling permeates this entire fantasy poem and love story. I consider it a best poem.

Arriella – and the Evil Magician – a fantasy poem

Arriella is a fantasy poem written in allegory about a beautiful princess kidnapped by an evil magician, and how she is rescued by a brave knight with the help of a magic cloak and magical spells. It is really a story about the evil of kidnapping set in another time and place. I consider the story a classic fairy tale, and a best poem.

Dwarf King – a fantasy poem

A knight travels out into a thick forest and spots a lone dwarf who he is about to kill with an arrow, when the dwarf asks the knight to spare him. He obliges, and is repaid a hundred times over when the dwarf, a king of his kind, saves the knight and his queen years later. A very popular fantasy poem on this site, a great story, and in my opinion, a best fantasy poem.

The Good Witch and Errant King

A king is convinced all witches are evil and slays them, after which the kingdom is nearly destroyed. Realizing his mistake, he seeks the help of a good witch who accepts his apology, and instantly cures the land “in a stroke of light”. Written in allegory, easily a best fantasy poem.

Snow White — The Poem

A Disney classic fairy tale put into fantasy poetry, and perhaps the most popular Snow White poem on the web. I tried to be as true to the story as I could, from start to finish. I think it’s about as good as it can get, and is certainly one of my best fantasy poems.

Tasmerelda — A Fairytale? — the poem

Tasmerelda is a classic fairy tale poem much like the beginning portions of the Sleeping Beauty, but tells the story of a princess kept prisoner by an evil magician who thereby lures a brave knight to the castle to rescue Tasmerelda. In my version the evil magician is more powerful than the knight, and is only toying with him. Once the knight is defeated, the magician puts the castle and all its inhabitants into a spell and deep sleep – forevermore. A best fantasy poem.

The Legend of Evermore – poem and story

This best fantasy poem answers the question what happened to Tasmerelda? It combines several forms of poetry all into one poem, all flowing easily. A personal favorite.

Ghost Island – the poem

A very eerie, and ghost like fantasy poem about an island – far from anywhere – inhabited by only the long departed. A mysterious island of ghosts. Actually, kind of spooky, and best fantasy poem.