Cowboy Carter Album by Beyonce

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Cowboy Carter Album by Beyonce

Cowboy Carter Album by Beyonce

Well . . .  it sure ain’t all country, but it sure is Beyonce — and it’s quite the come out for an alleged “crossover” album by R&B’s female star, Beyonce, who herself admits it’s not really a true “country” album. Definitely a great album, giving more than due regard to true country, but also true Beyonce,  with a lot or sometimes just a little cowboy twist.  And so the following poem, dedicated to both the album, Beyonce, and also to “real” country music.  So, the title a Carter Cowboy poem?  Or,  maybe just a Beyonce poem about Carter Cowboy?  Whatever — here it is:

cowgirl barrel race

Cowboy Carter Album by Beyonce
copyright 2024 by Marshal T. Justice & jon gutmacher

Cowboy Carter
Beyonce sings
it sure ain’t country
it’s just a fling

It’s definitely Beyonce
and for sure, it’s good
but it’s mostly R & B
that’s certainly understood

If she wants to be a cowgirl
wants to ride a horse
get up in a wagon
rope a steer, of course

That’s fine with all us cowboys
but country, sure it ain’t
I’d rather listen to Dolly Parton
or maybe just George Strait

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