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Dragon Killer – fantasy poem

One of my first fantasy poems written back in 2011, and slightly updated since – this tells the story of a knight who seeks a powerful book of magic guarded by a dragon.  Unfortunately for the knight, the spells that protect the book, are more powerful than those he brings to steal it.  

Dragon Killer – the fantasy poem
copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher

He stole so stealthful thru darkened hall
treading with care
lest trip or fall
for the dragon slept often light
awake by the day
asleep by night

Rasping breath
he climbed a path
with ancient sword
does’t that he haft

“Oh, magic cloak protect us all!”
lest dragon wake
by yonder wall

Breath of fire
claws of death
bones are scattered
east and west

T’were those who thought
could conquer all
but were torn to bits
their final fall

The door beyond
made of gold and brass
t’was barred with spells
so none could pass

And yet beyond
lay Magic book
full of secrets
if he could look

Stealthy, Stealthy
he moves so slow
only yards, now feet
to go

He chants the chant
that let’s him in
the door swings open
his head does swim

He hears it’s breathing
feels its heat
sees its talons
scales replete

And the door closes
to just a crack
the dragon wakes
its head rears back

“No!”, he cries
his blade now raised
but not enough
he isn’t saved

Fire rings out
and fills the hall
talons rip
the knight does fall

Ah,  the book
was not for him
ancient cursed
the room now dim

As the Dragon
closed its eyes
til the next . . .
sneaks in to die

The image is licensed from Fotolia, and shows a knight about to battle a huge dragon.  I think the knight loses this one big time.  Let’s hear it for the dragons!

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