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Dwarf King – narrative fantasy poem

Dwarf King – a fantasy poem
Dwarf King is a great story and terrific narrative fantasy poem about a knight who on a journey through deep wood comes upon a powerful looking dwarf, and rather than kill or capture him, spares his life, and in turn is rewarded when the dwarf, a King among his kind, returns the favor  years later, and saves the knight and his queen from a deadly ambush.  The poem is dedicated to my good friend, Jim Reynolds, perhaps small in stature, but a king in his own right.

Dwarf King – a fantasy poem
copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher








Once, long ago
a valiant knight
was in the forest
at dawn’s first light
and stealthful as
a knight could be
he spied a dwarf
a tree

Oh, what a treasure
what a find
to capture one
of this rare kind
the Lords and Ladies
would gather round
and slap his back
at what
he found

He drew his bow
with arrow true
but dwarf did see
before he slew
Did shout to knight
behind a tree
“Oh, spare me, Sir
“Let me go free!”

The knight relaxed
the bow went down
and gazing with
a piercing frown
did ask the dwarf
why, he should
“Now, tell me, Dwarf!
“And make it

“I am a King
“amongst my kind
“I’ll owe you, Sir
“and you will find
“that always will you
“have my ear
“and in these woods
“you’ll never fear

The knight, then nodded
held high his hand
then walked away
back to his land
and went in thru
the castle gates
and kept the story
for his own sake

Until one day
traveling deep through 
guarding Queen and ladies
just as he should
on lonely road
a bit too late
to castle far
where others wait

But there were varlets
in ambush deep
no care of knights
or those they keep
to take the queen
and ladies fair
to ransom them
without a care

The arrows came
two knights went down
He drew his sword
His heart did pound
He saw them come
upon the run
He swung his sword
now two were done

The queen did scream
her ladies, too
they were well surrounded
and then he knew . . .
he would be slain
his duty lost
his companions slaughtered
oh, what
a cost!

And then an amazing thing occurred
a shout was heard
throughout the wood
and hundreds with
both shield and spear
the dwarfs came out
without a fear

They slew the varlets
they slew them good
they freed the queen
helped as they
patched wounded knights
with magic paste
saved all of them
from horrid

And then Dwarf King
came thru the crowd
and said in voice
that was so proud
“You spared my life
“Now, I’ve saved your queen
“This . . . is something
“that you’ve seen.

“Remember, hence
“for all your sake
“as you pass by
“our sacred lake
“The friends you made
“Whoever be
“are friends for life
“So, let it be!

And then as quick
as they appeared
they vanished all
‘cept King, who neared
and grasped the arm
of knight he saved
and pointed round
at all that laid

“I told you then
you’d not regret
for in these woods
for now, and yet
I honor what
I said that day
Now, the debt is yours
How will you

the knight
went to one knee
held out his sword
and said, to He

“I wronged you, Sir
“though I set you free
“I thought you not
“as good as me
“But, I was wrong
“I know that now
“you have my friendship
“if you, allow”

And so, the Dwarf King
nodded twice
extended hand
like a vice
and the two
forever knew
that they were friends
for life

And every feast
this tale is told
of once a knight
who was so bold
but spared a dwarf
thus saved a queen
in the Kingdom
of Farsporlant

The background fantasy image is an impressively strong dwarf holding his battle hammer. The image is by the Russian artist Illia Ellion and is titled “The Dwarf”
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