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Enon Bo Sheeki — fantasy poem

Enon Bo Sheeki – fantasy poem

This fantasy poem/flash fiction “Enon Bo Sheeki” originated from an email from one of my sons. It is a more modern example of how I write in allegory. The work outlines, in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek sense, the struggles of a young man attaining confidence in himself and eventually manhood. His ride down the river is symbolic. The river is life, and represents the path he follows in meeting and overcoming its challenges. While on the journey, he meets various challenges as he traverses its growing intensity until he reaches the falls – symbolic of the challenge to overcome his own struggles with self esteem. There is more to the explanation – but that is very personal to myself and my family. However, the poem . . . or the story . . . is a journey . . . which all can enjoy, with the help of this small bit of insight on what the poem/fiction actually meant to me as I wrote it.

Enon Bo Sheeki – fantasy poem
copyright 2016 by jon gutmacher

Enon Bo Sheeki
got lost by the creeky
the water was deepy
but not very fast

He had a canoey
he spit and said phooey
the mud there was gooey
but the sun wasn’t hot

He sat by the water
searched pants
found a quarter
with pride and some hauter
he paddled downstream

He saw a big deery
it jumped when he got neary
it seemed to be leary
of just who he was

And then down the river
he started to shiver
cause there was before him
a rock falls so deep

He shouted above it
he knew that he’d love it
to ride the wild river
to bottom the falls

And when it was over
he laughed and was bolder
cause nothing now could stop him
Enon was a man

The background image shows a peaceful and beautiful river – and along its banks will be new experiences,  but we all know that somewhere ahead is the falls.

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