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You’re viewing a page under development – probably the way visitors to my website will navigate it in the future.  Most of the pictures are a link to the poem which it represents.

warrior resting
The Warrior and the River -- poem

click any of the three pictures to get to my Peter Pan fantasy poem — which follows the entire Disney version of the story. 

Painting of princess surrounded by butterflies
The Doubting Knight - fantasy poem
Beauty & Beast dancing
Beauty and the Beast - fantasy poem
Disney's Cinderella in blue gown
Cinderella - fantasy poem
image of Rapunzel in tower
Rapunzel - fantasy poem
The Evil Queen
Snow White - fantasy poem
Slide 1 Heading
This is Slide #1, and it will be linked to the poem The Castle by the Sea
Click Here
Slide 2 Heading - The Christmas Tree Miracle
This link will take you to the Holiday Poem "The Christmas Tree Miracle". Be prepared to shed a tear or two.
Click Here
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Raphael Lacoste image of a dreamlike courtyard

The Dream - fantasy poem

The Dream is a mystical and romantic fantasy poem that will take you on a trip you will not forget.

Nicholas Valentin photograph from Flicker of a Rainbow across rolling fields

Rainbow Bridge - fantasy poem

Rainbow Bridge is an old and beautiful story about a place where beloved pets who have passed on await their master or mistress for a final journey together to Heaven's Gate.

Raphael Lacoste image of a dreamlike courtyard
The Dream
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