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Ghost Island – fantasy poem

A fantasy poem about a place far from any other, surrounded by the sea and heavy mist, where none but ghosts dwell.  An eerie and ghostly poem that just might send a chill down your spine.

Ghost Island – fantasy poem
copyright 2017 by jon gutmacher

There is a place
so far away
across the sea
across the day
where no one
ever, ever goes
a place so far
that no one knows

For on this place
of long lost souls
who dwell the shadows
bells have tolled
Caught far from Heaven
Yet not in Hell
but in between
where lost souls dwell

Ah, shadows darting
to and fro
their ghostly presence
jasmine smell
all too sublime
neath whistling trees
sway back and forth
in moonlight breeze

Who’s ghostly presence
all around
the surf surrounds
the waves do pound
the shoreline covered
deep in mist
no one can find
not one is missed

Thus on and on
forever more
an isle of ghosts
who are no more

The background image shows a ghostly ruin on an eerie landscape.

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