Lawman – a poem of the Old West

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Lawman – a poem of the Old West

Lawman – a  poem of the Old West
This is a narrative poem of the American West.  The stories go that a lawman in the Old West had to be quick with a gun, tough, and fearless — to survive. Those that he chased down were either more cunning than him – or soon dead. This is a Old West poem, or cowboy poem,  of a lawman tougher than the rest. Relentless!  I dedicate it to Wyatt Earp – certainly one of the best of em.

archive photo of Wyatt Earp

The Lawman – a poem of the Old West
copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher

six gun
by your side
badge on chest
horse to ride

You scour the badlands
far and wide
for those who kill
and steal

No place to run
no place to hide
you’ll find them no matter
where they ride

Thru ‘injun country
you tread real low
make sign of peace
where ‘eer you go
you speak their talk
you make their sign
to survive this land
you respect their kind

You carry Colt
Winchester long
and when you aim
Death sings his song
for your eye is steady
your hand is quick
few have your speed
to make it stick

And when they tire
you still move in
you never stop
‘til they give in
and if they don’t
they’ll be dead by dawn
slung over their horse
to hell
passed on

So tell me lawman
star on chest . . .
Of all your kind
who was the best?

The photo is an archive photo of  Wyatt Earp

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