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Little Red Riding Hood – the poem.

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The story of Little Red Riding Hood is centuries old, with many, many versions. It was used to teach children to listen to their parents, and be careful of the dangers that lurked in the forests of long ago. The poem that appears here is a complete version of the Little Red Riding Hood story, and is a narrative poem. It is a combination of several of the different versions of the original story. I think it is one of the best poetry versions of Little Red Riding Hood, and I hope you’ll love it, as I do.

Little Red Riding Hood – the poem
copyright 2020 by jon gutmacher

Little red riding hood lived long ago
in a village near a deep forest
Is this is something you know?

She had long blond hair
her age about ten
she wore a long red coat
with a red hood on her head

She had a grandmother
who lived alone in the woods
who made great things to eat
that tasted so good

Now, it was getting near Christmas
lots of cookies were baked
to take to grandmother
plus one chocolate cake

Little Red’s mother did warn her
to stay on the path
there were bad things in the woods
“Please walk very fast!”

Bad wolves and big spiders
mean bears, and some trolls
occasional witches
and foul smelling toads

“If you stay on the path
“You don’t have to fear
“But if you stray and pick flowers
“You may get eaten by a witch or a bear!”

Little Red told her mother
“I know what to do.
“I’ll go straight to grandmother’s
“That’s just what I’ll do!”

But a bad wolf was watching
from deep in the woods
he wanted to eat Little Red
and steal grandma’s goods

But the path there was magic
those on it were safe
The wolf needed a plan
a disguise for his face
He would capture grandmother
and steal all her goods
and then eat Little Red
then escape in the woods

Little Red started to grandma’s
she stayed on the path
but then saw some flowers
she’d pick one real fast

She remembered mom’s warning
but thought she had time
and picked a red flower
that looked really fine

The wolf appeared suddenly
dressed in disguise
And asked where Little Red was going
he had strange, big eyes

Little Red said “to grandma’s”
“I’m taking some food
“I can’t talk anymore
“I’m not in the mood”

She ran back to the path
she was quite afraid
she remembered her mother
and the promise that she made

But the wolf disappeared
he ran fast ahead
tied grandma in a closet
hit her right on the head

When Little Red arrived
cookies in a big jar
she called out, “Hi, Grandma!
“Wherever you are!”

A voice from the bedroom
came a voice from the bed
it was the wolf dressed as grandma
and here’s what both said:

“Hey, Grandma. Hey, Grandma – you have real big eyes!”
“All the better to see you”, said the wolf in disguise!

“But, Grandma. But, Grandma – “You have claws for hands!”
“All the better to grab you. Do you understand?”

“No, Grandma. I don’t. And, you have big, sharp teeth!”
“All the better to eat you!” as the wolf began to reach.

But Little Red screamed
she screamed really loud
she fought the wolf hard
they fell on the ground

Now, a huntsman was nearby
he heard Little Red’s scream
he had a big ax
he could be really mean

He ran to the cottage
he broke down the door
he swung his ax swiftly
the wolf was no more!

And Little Red was saved
Her grandma was, too
the huntsman a hero
the whole thing now through

And grandma cooked dinner
they all ate and laughed
for they were safe from the bad wolf
safe, finally
at last!

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