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My Top 10 Fantasy & Narrative poems

Ten top narrative poems:

     OK . . . here are “my” top 10 ten narrative poems. At least, these are the ones I’ve picked as my top ten. I’m not saying these are my favorites, although some certainly are — but I honestly think they are the top ten narrative poems I’ve created, and placed on this website.  However, I will admit that my choices are not the ones with the greatest number of hits.

    My first personal choice is most definitely “A British Soldier in Zululand”. As a narrative poem, it is a classic, and something I think Rudyard Kipling would have been proud of. It tells the story of a British infantryman during the Zulu campaigns in the late 1800’s, and walks you on the battlefield next to him, and then thru his life.

     Second choice for best narrative poem is “The Yellow Ribbon“. Inspired by the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round an Ole Oak Tree” it is narrative poetry at its best, and tells the story of a man long estranged from home and family who seeks to return to his former life. If you don’t shed a tear at the end, somethings wrong with you.

     Best narrative poem number three is a more difficult choice, but I’ll opt for my personal favorite, “The Good King and Faithful Knight“. A story of honor and redemption about a knight fallen on hard times, and how his king restores the knight’s honor and fortune. Another tear real jerker.

     Best narrative poem number four is definitely “Snow White”. Inspired by the Disney version of Snow White, it took me three weeks to write it — making sure I had the entire story intact. While I’ve written much more popular “Disney” type narrative poems — this is truly the best of them in my personal opinion.

     Best narrative poem number five has to go to “The Dream“. An earlier narrative poem of mine that tells the tale of an older, but still beautiful woman, who has grown alone and lonely as age takes its toll. Suddenly, she finds herself in a mystical dream, and there learns she has never been alone, nor ever will be.

      Best narrative poem number six is definitely my Old West style “mountain man” story, “Curtis Gray”. This tells the story of a “‘tough as nails” mountain man long alone in the high country, who one day comes to town just for a drink, and finds so much more than he ever expected.

     Best narrative poem number seven? “An American Hero“. Without doubt my most powerful narrative poem. It is a tribute to Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal, and hero who served four tours in Iraq, and lost his life when he returned home. It is a tribute to both Chris, as well as all the brave men and women who have served this country and made the ultimate sacrifice.

     Best narrative poem number eight is “The Woman and the Cat“. A tender story about a middle aged woman alone in the world whose life is given meaning when she finds and adopts a stray kitten off the street.

     Best narrative poem number nine is “The Dance”. A romantic poem in free verse that tells the tale of two people still in love after many years of marriage, all put together as they dance together to an old Sinatra tune.

    Finally, best narrative poem number ten — and I really hate to exclude so many others that I love equally — but narrative poem number ten has to be my Christmas Holiday poem “The Christmas Tree Miracle“. It’s a story about faith, family, Christmas, and an angel, and the miracle he brings to the family on Christmas Eve, and thereafter. I’ll bet it brings more than just one tear whether you read it during the Holidays, or any time.

     So, those are my personal picks for my best narrative poems. And while there’s a ton of other great narrative poetry on my website that probably rank as equals to my personal choices, I think you’ll agree — these ten are pretty darn awesome.

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