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Who the heck is Marshal T. Justice? 

Well, truth is, Marshal T. Justice, or “M.T.”, is the pseudonym  I use for my western stories, performances, and very unique style of historic fiction I express as cowboy poetry.  While my fantasy poetry website has been ranked #1 in the nation as a single poet fantasy poetry website since 2011,  I only recently started writing and loving cowboy poetry, and actually have created a separate “cowboy poetry” website for that work at:       Plus, there are a whole mess of videos of my cowboy poems on YouTube  — they’re easy to find if you’re on YouTube.  Just type in my name, “Jon Gutmacher”, and you’ll find them — or check out some of them which are posted on the website.  

Now, if you know my current work — I almost always write narrative poetry.  In other words — full stories — set to some type of rhythm.  Sometimes rhyming and sometimes freestyle — but always a full story.  To me,  if I don’t love the story and the characters — I just have better things to do than waste my time writing a poem — any poem,  including cowboy poems.   In fact,  a great compliment I’ve received is that some folks have compared my style of cowboy poetry as more resembling “what if” the very famous Old West writers like Louis L’ ’Amour or Zayne Grey wrote cowboy poems instead of the great books and western stories. If they did — they say my cowboy poetry is  sure as heck what it would probably look and sound like!

While my style could be called “Cowboy poetry”, it really isn’t.  It’s actually historical fiction set to rhyme.  Sure, it fits the genre of Cowboy poems, but each of my western stories are not of the open prairie, or a cattle drive — but about tough and honorable individuals on the frontier, or in the Old or more modern West, and their day-to-day battles to make it through life, or just make life better. Stories of hard men — brave but honest. Women, even stronger, and including stories of previously little or unknown minority members without whom the West could not have been won!  In fact,  one of the cowboy poems in my book, “Montana”,  is the life story of a young man on the frontier who becomes a deputy sheriff, and eventually a major cattle rancher — actually written in seven chapters.  And if you actually take a look at the book — it has twenty four great stories as cowboy poems,  and twenty two archive photos mostly from the late 1800’s.  

So,  this is my first published book of westerns — and I believe it is a book destined to become an American classic in modern narrative and cowboy poetry.  Autographed copies are offered for a limited time through this website. Please use the “Pay Now” button below where you can purchase thru Paypal or your own credit card, or even Venmo.  You can also take a look at my new website, or just take a look at my first effort in putting a cowboy poem to video, “Jessi & Wes” using this link.   It’s a tender tale about a young couple out west who fall in love, and their life story.   Also — if you’d rather purchase the book on another website I highly recommend using Barnes & Noble.   The link for the book there is:

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You can visit M.T.’s new website at 

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