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Who the heck is Marshal T. Justice? 

Well, truth is, Marshal T. Justice is the pseudonym for the western stories and other American West works of Jon H. Gutmacher.   And, since I’m both of em — I really enjoy writing under a name I associate with the kind of writing I do.  So, bear with me here — because I’m gonna write this like I really am reviewing M.T., and his new book.  It’s just easier that way.   

Anyhow,  “M.T.”  is probably the finest narrative poet of Old West stories of our time.  And yeah — I know how that sounds, but it’s true.    By “narrative poet” I mean someone who writes  short stories in either rhythmic or free verse form in a way that you mostly never even notice you’re reading something in verse. Words and ideas just seem to flow better. Some folks have said his writings are just great stories that have their own rhythm.  Others compare it to “what if” the very famous Old West writers like Louis L’Amour or Zayne Grey wrote poetry. If they did — this is sure as heck what it would look like!

While M.T.’s (that’s what he likes to be called) style could be called “Cowboy poetry”, it really isn’t. Sure, it fits the genre of Cowboy poems, but each of his works are full stories not of the open prairie, or a cattle drive — but of tough and honorable individuals on the frontier, or the Old and New West, and their day-to-day battles to make it through life, or just make life better. Stories of hard men — brave but honest. Women, even stronger, and including stories of previously little or unknown minority members without whom the West could not have been won!

This is M.T.’s first published book of westerns — and I believe it is a book destined to become an American classic in modern narrative poetry.  Autographed copies are offered for a limited time through this website. Please use the “Pay Now” button below where you can purchase thru Paypal or your own credit card, or even Venmo.  You can also take a look at M.T.’s new website or even take a look at a new Youtube video of his new Cowboy poem “Jessi & Wes” using this link. 

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You can visit M.T.’s new website at 

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