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Peter Pan – the poem

In 1904 James Barrie, a Scottish author and playwright created the original story of Peter Pan, which was made into a very successful play, and then a just as successful book. The story was adapted by the Walt Disney Company in 1953 into an incredible animated movie, and followed the James Barrie version fairly closely, with just a few changes. I fell in love with the story as a child, and even saw the Broadway play when I was only eight. And while there have been many poems written about Peter Pan — none of them told the complete story until now.


My narrative poem of Peter Pan is as complete a version as I thought possible, and took two weeks to accomplish, mostly due to reading background materials, and watching the Disney movie again. I loved every moment of it, and one evening the beginning lines of my poem just appeared to me, and I began to write. Of course, my Peter Pan poem more closely follows the Disney version of the story. I tried to get in all the more important scenes, and believe this poetic version will become the most popular Peter Pan poem on the web. Time will tell. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Peter Pan & Wendy

Peter Pan – the poem
copyright 2022 by jon gutmacher

Do you know the story of Peter Pan?
Who lived in a place called Neverland?
or the Lost Boys who lived there too?
or Tinkerbell?
of them, you knew?

Or how about that pirate named Captain Hook?
who hated Peter, for what he took?
he cut Hook’s hand off in a duel
and fed it to a crocodile
That sounds so cruel!

Well, let me tell you the story
and all its highs
how Peter flew
across the skies
because he used Tinker Bell’s pixie dust
plus happy thoughts
that are a must

He visited London – when it was night
listened to stories
in dim moonlight
that Wendy told to her brothers Michael and John
while Nana their dog
watched all go on

But one night Nana saw Peter
in some light
she pounced on his shadow
and caught it tight
and Wendy put the shadow
in a bureau draw
it was something she had never done

Now Peter came back
with Tinker Bell too
looking for the shadow
that he knew
and Wendy helped him find it
then sewed it on
so Peter’s shadow
would know no harm

Then Wendy told Peter she had to grow
her father, George Darling
had told her so
She had to move from the nursery to a room of her own
T’was time to grow up
in the Darling home

“I won’t have it!” shouted Peter!
“Come to Neverland!
“You can tell us stories that are so grand
“the Lost Boys will love you
“we’ll have great fun
“bring your brothers, Michael and John
“I’ll let them come!”

So pixie dust was sprinkled
they needed it to fly
and off they went to Neverland
thru the moon lit sky
with Peter in the lead
and Tinker Bell on the right
they flew a path to Neverland
the second star just to the right

When they did reach Neverland
they landed on a cloud
but the pirates watched them from the sea
to see where they were bound
and Mr. Smee told Captain Hook
he saw them in the sky
and Captain Hook said: “Shoot them down!”
“Shoot them as they fly!”

Captain Hook had his pirates
try to shoot them down
the ship’s cannon was shot
with a loud boom sound
and Peter went to fight them
as the others escaped
told Tinker Bell to lead them
and keep them safe

But Tinker Bell was jealous
of Wendy’s charm
She flew ahead real fast
despite Wendy’s great alarm
told the Lost Boys to shoot
the bad Wendy bird down
Told them that was Peter’s order
“Now, shoot it down!”

Lucky for Wendy
Peter was close
saved her from falling
from becoming a ghost

Peter told the Lost Boys
he was really mad
each of them was sorry
and each of them was sad

So now that Peter saved her
The Lost Boys were ashamed
Peter banished Tinker Bell
who was the only one to blame
and then the Lost Boys and Wendy’s brothers
decided an adventure would go
To capture some Indian prisoners
Is that something you know?

Instead, the Indians captured them
tied them to the stake
refused to release them
although it was really late
Their chief said: “Princess Tiger Lilly
“was kidnaped today!
“If she isn’t returned
“You will never get away!”

But Tiger Lilly had been captured by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
If she told them where Peter Pan lived
they promised to set her free
but if she didn’t  – they’d tie her below Skull Rock
where the tide would drown her
that’s as bad as it ever got

Lucky for Tiger Lilly
Peter Pan and Wendy were near
Peter saw everything, and without any fear
made a voice like Captain Hook
told Mr. Smee to let Tiger Lilly go
Captain Hook heard the voice
knew that Peter soon would show

So they got in a duel
around that place, Skull Rock
Captain Hook was losing badly
but suddenly there was a Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc
The crocodile that had eaten all of
Captain Hook’s left hand
was coming to eat the rest
as fast as he can

Well, Peter won the duel, but Captain Hook managed to escape
pursued by the crocodile who followed
fast in his wake
Tiger Lilly was saved from drowning
Peter was made a big chief
All the Lost Boys, Michael and John, were freed
Much to their relief

Now, Captain Hook was always scheming
and came up with a plot
to get Tinker Bell to tell him
the location of Peter’s hidden spot
Where Peter and the Lost Boys
lived when it was night
so the pirates could capture them and Wendy
if he made his plan just right

He knew Tinker Bell was jealous
of Wendy all the time
so he had Mr. Smee kidnap her
although that was a crime
and then told her tearful stories
saying everything was Wendy’s fault
said he’d help Tink, and kidnap Wendy
“Where can she be caught?”

He promised Tinker Bell
that Peter would be left alone
if she showed him where they lived
where the Lost Boys had their home
then he’d capture the girl named Wendy
and take her far away
she’d never again see Peter
til her dying day

But all the time he plotted
all he did was fib
and Tink told him neath the Hangman’s Tree
was the place
that they all lived

Hook locked Tink in an empty lantern
and then he did his plan
kidnaped Wendy, John, and Michael
and the Lost Boys
to the man

Then tied them up on his pirate ship
and gave each one a choice
walk the plank or join the crew
A pirate’s life – rejoice!
But, Wendy wouldn’t have it
and so she walked the plank
her fate to drown
her hands were tied
the situation stank!

In the meantime Hook had planted
a bomb for Peter Pan to find
it looked just like a birthday gift
that certainly was not kind
but Tinker Bell escaped and warned Peter
just in the nick of time
and Peter escaped, flew to the pirate ship
to see what he could find

He saw Wendy walking the plank
and saved her as she fell
no splash was heard as the pirates watched
their plan – not going well
Tinker Bell flew in
freed Michael and John
and all the Lost Boys, too
a fight broke out
while all of them
fought the Captain’s crew!

The pirates lost, and all jumped ship
as Peter Pan and the Captain fought
on the highest mast of the pirate ship
until Hook finally lost
And Peter spared Hook’s evil life
but first he made Hook say:
“I’m a Codfish!”
“I’m a Codfish!”
Peter Pan did win the day

Peter now had the pirate ship
Tinker Bell spread pixie dust on the sails
And sailed the skies to London
from where they first had hailed
and John, Michael, and Wendy
were glad that they were home
while Peter, Tink, and the Lost Boys
decided they would continue to roam

Back to the skies of Neverland
the second star to the right
and disappeared in the London sky
across a moon so bright

And Mr. Darling their father
arrived at home just then
and saw the ship pass across the moon
and thought he remembered when
when once he was a little boy
and saw that ship – yes, too.
For Peter Pan lives in every heart
As all these stories, do.

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