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Rapunzel – fantasy poem

Rapunzel – fantasy poem.

The story of Rapunzel was a story originating in the 1600’s, but its most popular version was much later by the Brothers Grimm, and appeared in their book, “The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Collection”. The original story told of a woodcutter and his pregnant wife who wanted some herbs that grew in a witch’s garden. The woodcutter tried to steal the herbs, but was caught, and had to promise the witch to give her his unborn child, once born, in exchange for his life. The story has multiple versions with the prince being blinded in different ways. In the end, he finds Rapunzel, and her tears do cure his blindness. Of course, Disney had their own version of Rapunzel, and came out with the animated movie, “Tangled”, which is nothing like the original Rapunzel except for her long golden hair. My story is closer to the original Brothers Grimm version, but I’ve doctored it up to suit myself, added the loom which spins gold thread (borrowed somewhat from Rumpelstiltskin), and a few other original ideas. Any way you cut it, just like my Cinderella poem,  it’s a great fantasy poem and fairy tale, and was a lot of fun to write. I’m told it also qualifies as “speculative poetry”, and flash fiction.  If you like this type of fairy tale poem please also consider my Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Hansel and Gretel poems.  For a bit darker, but original fairy tale try Arriella and the Evil Magician.

Rapunzel – fantasy poem
copyright 2018 by jon gutmacher

let down your hair
spin gold from the loom
you’re trapped in her lair!

Rapunzel, the story
as legends will go
starts with a witch
of this, you should know

She had a great garden
with herbs that would heal
that magically cure
but no one should steal

But a woman living near her
with child on the way
desired some herbs
in a great way

And her husband was desperate
so thought he could steal
some herbs from the garden
for pregnant wife’s meal

A poor choice, I’m sure
certainly not very good
the witch caught him stealing
he tried running to the wood

But she stopped him quite quickly
a spell that she had
and when he groveled before her
she really was mad

All of his efforts
to run from the place
she could destroy him quite easily
and lay him to waste

But he begged her for mercy
He begged for his life
then she gave him a choice
his child for his life

And so he did promise
that when she was born
the witch would then have her
for time all along

And the witch named her Rapunzel
and raised her alone
and never cut her hair
nor ever let her roam

And Rapunzel was beautiful
with long golden hair
so beautiful was she
that none could compare

And when she was twelve
a high tower did witch make
and there put Rapunzel
with a loom that could make

Gold spun from nothing
came from that loom
but no way to get out
just stuck in that room

At the top of the tower
so high off the ground
with only one window
ne’er to be found

This beautiful child
with hair just like gold
still wished to escape
from this desperate hold

And each day the witch
would come to that place
and call to Rapunzel
all dressed in gold lace

“Come let down your hair
“Pull me up to the top
“I’ll see you up there”

And Rapunzel obeyed
as years passed her by
but sang to the birds
and that is no lie

Her voice was pure beauty
as pure as her soul
so perfect it was
like a spell of her own

Now, one day a prince
did roam thru the wood
he heard her voice singing
it sounded so good

And followed that song
to tower so tall
and there spied Rapunzel
atop that great wall

And with just one look
he did fall in love
and shouted to her
so far, high above

And each talked for hours
and then talked each day
they both fell in love
or that’s what they say

And came on a plan
for Rapunzel to escape
they’d be very careful
lest love be forsaked

The prince hid in underbrush
when witch came for gold
he listened to the spell
and what it foretold

“Let down your hair
“Pull me up to the top
“I’ll see you up there”

And when she had left
he recited the spell
and suddenly pulled up
it really worked well

The prince and Rapunzel
they kissed and did talk
then cut off her hair
escape was their thought

They would use her long hair
as a rope to escape
they’d have to move fast
as it was getting real late

He lowered her slowly
from tower to ground
she ran to the woods
so not to be found

By evil, bad witches
who loved too much gold
she was seventeen years now
not really that old

But, the prince while he lowered
fell from above
he hit his head hard
could not find his love

And wandered for years
as blind as could be
until one day wandering
he thought he heard she

Singing a song
so beautiful and pure
he knew it was Rapunzel
he knocked on the door

She opened the portal
and saw who it was
she started to cry
those tears for her love

And the tears cured his blindness
and they held each so close
both returned to his kingdom
and there, all did toast

The return of their prince
who now would be king
with a beautiful princess
who really could sing

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